12 Moving Tips for More Efficient Packing

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You found your new home sweet home. After some neighborhood research and exhaustive house visits, you chose the best place to move, a new space to call your own. After the first stage of excitement, you realize one big and essential step you need to take: packing all your stuff.

This is probably the most stressful part, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 12 moving tips for more efficient packing!

  1. Don’t put off for tomorrow

This might seem cliché, but it is still a common mistake. Start preparing your belongings between three to two weeks before the official moving date. Pick first those items you don’t use so often, and try to pack a little bit every day. This will help you not be so much exhausted and frustrated as the moving day arrives.

  1. Have some packing room

Define a space where you can have all the boxes, thick markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, and so on. Use this space as a packing station. Try to do it comfortably, especially if you will be involved in the process for long hours. The last thing you need is sore muscles and back pain.  Be careful while bending over and lifting boxes.

  1. Focus on medium-size boxes for heavy items

Remember that after loading your boxes, you will need to lift and carry them eventually. Try to use bigger boxes for light stuff and smaller ones for large books, for example. This will make moving around easier and safer.

  1. Use trash bags for your clothes

Trash bags are great, they can keep your clothes all together nice and tidy. It also helps you while fitting everything inside the moving truck. These plastic bags can adopt any shape and fit into spaces a box couldn’t.

  1. Pack often used objects separated

It’s your first day in the new house, and you are desperately searching for your toothbrush. Where to start looking? Pack your “Day One” belongings all together, with easy access. It could be in a box or a suitcase.

  1. Boxes with handles are more comfortable to carry

It can be easier to lift boxes if they have handles. You can cut it on the card box itself or create a grip with the packing tape. Pass the tape to close the box and create some extra layers, where you can grab it.

  1. Label it

Identify your boxes by room or category. You can name them as bathroom, kitchen, kids’ room and so on. Add labels or stickers on multiple sides, this will make it easier to find the items later, in case the boxes get shuffled during the moving process. Where to purchase bespoke personalized stickers? Our top-pick is Wunderlabel.

  1. Protect your floor

Carrying heavy boxes and furniture can ruin both your old or new flooring. Protect sensitive areas with rugs or add some soft fabric on the feet and edges of your appliances. Also, be careful while carrying things across doors, since sometimes tables and bookcases can scratch the painted surface.

  1. Reserve some extra time for your electronics

AC cables, HDMI, controls and other small connectors are easily lost during a moving process. Spare some time to make sure it is all secure and ready to be carried. If needed, label cords and labels to each electronic you have.

  1. Clean your fridge

Try to defrost and clean your fridge at least one day before your moving.  The ideal would be for you to be prepared in advance and don’t have so many perishables in your freezer, but if you do, you can store them in coolers for transport.

  1. Towels can protect your dishware

Breakable items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, or you can use your towels to do so. Old t-shirts also can do the trick or even old newspaper. Remember to protect lamps, artworks, lampshades, or any other delicate item you might have.

  1. Wrap careful bottles of shampoo and body lotion

Nothing is worse than opening a box and finding your belongings all soaked in an exploded bottle content. Use plastic wrap to protect both your bottles and other potential items in the same container. This is also valid for some other messy stuff from the kitchen, such as olive oil.

  1. Extra tip – Plan ahead and create tasks

Although most of us wish someday to live a minimalist lifestyle, it can be overwhelming for a family to handle all the belonging accumulated with time. It might be a good idea to plan in advance which rooms can be first emptied and create a calendar task through the upcoming weeks before the moving day. A calendar can show how much time you still have left and how much has been done so far. The best tip here is not to leave things for the last minute.

Moving is not just packing, you should also be careful in choosing your moving company. If you go for professional help, remember to research if the company is licensed and its previous customer’s reviews. You don’t need to choose the most expensive, but also check the reputability of the cheaper ones.

Remember to have fun!

Don’t forget your reasons to be moving and take this opportunity to also have a throwback into all you have conquered so far. Remember also to donate those items you don’t use anymore. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


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