Quick Top Tips: Moving Home

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Moving day is the most intense, tiring and thus dreaded twenty-four hour period for any new homeowner.

If finding the perfect place to live was already a stressful process, moving all of your belongings can be equally demanding. A test of endurance, moving usually entails packing each one of your precious possessions into boxes or luggage; giving each box a category, to keep track of everything; dismounting furniture; and many other “fun” activities.

Is natural to feel overwhelmed and preoccupied about losing some of your most cherished items during the move. To avoid any “losses”, you must create a plan of action and be organized.


1. Plan

At least a month before your big move, you need to create a feasible plan. Research moving companies; make budgets; and buy the material you need, such as cardboard boxes, newspapers and plastic bubble wrap to protect fragile pieces, and sellotape.


2. Be pragmatic

Examine the best and less time-consuming way of packing your belongings. For example, instead of removing all the clothes from the drawer chest and placing them in boxes, why not simply wrap the drawers in plastic bags with tape? It will save you a lot of unnecessary work.


3. Update your mail address

Too often, you move into a new home and completely forget of updating all your address references. Take some time and warn your contacts, bank and other services of your new mail box number. If you don’t, you may lose some correspondence or even bills.


4. Turn off your appliances

Do not leave your old home without disconnecting the broadband; telephone; gas, water and electricity, and TV. A week before your moving date, contact these services and ask for them to be shutdown the day you vacate the house. Empty and clean the fridge, keeping only the necessary foods for the next few days.


5. Start early in the day

Moving day has come and you are still in bed at 10.00 am? No, wake up extra early and start working! The sooner you start the sooner you finish. Divide the chores with your family, or friends in case you leave alone, and begin at the top of the house moving downwards.



Good luck and enjoy your new home!


by Ines Kennasmaki

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