3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Ask your parents or grandparents about what life was like when they were a child and they’re bound to talk about their childhood adventures, the friends they had and what kind of student they were. Eventually, they’ll probably say something like, “I remember when movie tickets were just $2! Now, they cost $15 and they make you wear those 3D glasses!”


Just about everything becomes more expensive over time and certain items will increase in their value. While a car or piece of tech equipment may depreciate over time, your house is one that will likely increase in value. What you paid five years ago maybe just 90% of what the house is estimated to be worth today.


But besides sitting around, twiddling your thumbs and watching your home value increase, there are a number of other strategies you can use to increase your home’s value. Below is a small list to help you get started.

The Green Thumb

Maybe you’re already an experienced gardener who is cooking nightly with the vegetables that you’re growing in your backyard. There’s no need for a farmer’s market because you have your own just out your backdoor.


If that’s not how you’d describe yourself, then it may be time to start taking baby steps in that direction.


One of the ways to increase your home value is by planting trees. Not just planting trees, but providing tree cover is a surefire way to increase your home’s value.


Planting trees has a myriad of other benefits too. If you are providing shade over your windows or doors, you’re likely to save money on your energy bill as well. Some estimates say you could be saving 3% in your first year and around 10% after a decade and a half.


Plus, it’s good for the environment and it’s a fun activity to do with your kids. You can always remember the day you planted that tree and you can watch it grow as they do.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and said, “Oh my goodness, I love what you’ve done with the kitchen!” Not only have they added that cool kitchen island and cabinets that open when you’re hungry, but they’ve also increased the value of their home.


Hiring a home improvement company to make some changes to your home is a great way to add value. That could be through a number of means, such as increasing the size of your house or making it more efficient by replacing the roof.


You’ll have to sit down and decide what is in your budget and what plans you have. Is this going to be an addition to only increase the value or do you want to add a bonus room? Is it better to redo the kitchen or add a guest bedroom?


Having a home improvement company does not come without its hazards, though. Make sure and be careful around the construction site to avoid injury. If you, however, are injured, you might want to look into hiring a personal injury lawyer. The last thing you want is to be fretting over your home improvements while nursing an injury.

Go Smart

It seems like smart is an adjective that can be thrown onto any tech device these days: smartphone, smart TV and now, smart house!


This doesn’t mean you have to buy a remote that controls everything from fan speed to your shutters (although that’d be pretty nifty), but replacing some old gadgets in your house with modern ones. One of the most popular and straightforward ways is to upgrade to a smart thermostat.


These thermostats can adjust the temperature of your house when you’re away and conserve energy better than a regular thermostat. In addition, you can also add updated fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and new lighting. Be sure and do some research on which systems work best for you.


Bringing your home into the future is a great way to immediately add value to your home. The best part is, you can usually install most of the devices yourself so it will save you money. DIY now applies to more than just using power tools and your hands.


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