3 ways you can increase the size of your home

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When it comes to your home, the more space the better. Home owners are increasingly looking to squeeze every last square foot out of their homes, not just to increase the value but also to get more from their property.

If you want to create more space in your home, here are three ways.


A loft conversion

If you have a big loft then you can consider turning this space into an additional room.


One of the main issues you have to contend with is headroom. You need to be able to stand up in your existing loft space without bumping your head on the roof trusses. 


Then, you need to establish where you will put the stairs. Work out where you want the stairs to emerge in the loft and then work out whether you have enough room on the landing or whether you will lose space in another room.


You will also have to consider how to light the room, how to insulate it and where to position the electrics. Roof light windows are a popular choice while building regulations mean you may have to fit additional loft insulation.


A basement conversion

If you live in a Victorian terrace or period property, you may already have a basement with adequate foundations that will meet the required depths. However, unless you are building a new property, the cost of adding a basement living area will probably be too high.


Typically, a basement won’t need planning permission although you should check. You can usually add windows and external access also without consent but you will need to comply with building regulations.


Creating a basement room also means that you will have to move lots of earth. This means you will need access for skips and construction vehicles.


A garden room

Installing a garden room or renovating an existing outbuilding is another way of creating extra space.


One factor to consider is how connected you want your garden room to be. Can you connect it to electricity, gas and your broadband service? And, do you want to install a toilet or kitchenette to save regular journeys to the house?

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