5 Reasons Basement Waterproofing Increases Your Property’s Home Value

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Home improvements are necessary to enhance the living conditions of the residents. But for some people, it can be an opportunity to enhance the value of their property on the market. Most of the time, working on increasing your property’s value involves external and internal renovations. If your property has a basement, it’s often overlooked. That’s because basements are commonly used for storage and keeping unnecessary things.

All houses don’t have basements. Having a basement surely increases your home’s value compared to other houses that don’t have one. If it’s well-maintained and has waterproofing done, your ROI (return on investment) will be higher because buyers will value the property more.

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Read below to find out how a waterproofed basement will increase your property’s worth:



  • More Space to Utilize


A basement adds an additional floor to work with. If it’s waterproofed, it won’t be just used for laundry and storage purposes. Since it’s free for moisture and dampness, you can turn it into a guest room. Decorating and putting some furniture will surely turn it into a comfortable space in your home.

It can also be utilized as your entertainment and work corner. You can set it up as a recreational area with a home theatre system, pool table, video games, or whatever you like. Having a waterproofed basement room will give a lot of extra space and enhance the value of your property significantly. 



  • Strong Foundation


Water that seeps through the ground contributes towards the deterioration of a home’s foundation. Leaking walls will eventually develop cracks over time and get infested with molds and moss. These may compromise the health and safety of your family. If the basement has waterproofing, the foundation of the house will be stronger. A stronger foundation will help to prevent or avoid these problems in the future. A home with a good foundation commands a higher value as compared to the one that’s damp and weak.


  • Saves Energy


Molds and cracks affect the indoor temperature at home as they let outside heat or cold to seep through. Due to these conditions, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will require more power to maintain the desired temperature inside your home. But with a waterproofed basement, you may reduce your energy consumption because the house will be better insulated from outside factors that affect the indoor temperature. An energy-efficient home is preferred by home buyers even though it comes at a much higher price. The energy cost savings cover the additional cost in the long run.  


  • Flawless Basements


Common basements are dark, damp, smelly, and have other unpleasant features. A waterproofed basement is water-resistant and it’s neat and tidy. The presence of cracks, molds, peeled paint, and water marks on the wall can be avoided when the basement is waterproofed. A dark and eerie basement can be transformed into a beautiful and cozy place if you waterproof it well. You can accomplish a lot of things in a flawless basement as it’s like any other furnished level of the house. Potential buyers will be impressed with the clean and tidy look of the basement, making it easier to negotiate a higher price for your property.  


  • Safeguards Your Investment


Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll make during your lifetime. Not only can you live in it, but you can also sell it for a much higher price after a few years. And to get a good price, proper care and renovations are essential to keep it in topnotch condition. Waterproofing features in your basement will save you from countless repairs and quick fixes that you may have to do from time to time. Basement waterproofing is a long term investment for safeguarding your whole property. That’s because it strengthens the foundation of the house and makes it more livable. 


Waterproofing your basement will provide many benefits that’ll increase the value of your property. A waterproofed basement ensures a stronger foundation. Waterproofing keeps molds and pests away. A waterproofed basement can be used for various purposes, effectively giving you a cozy additional space to work with. A waterproofed basement will also reduce your energy bills. Therefore, the benefits of basement waterproofing outweigh its initial cost by a big margin. So, if your home property has a basement, you should waterproof it immediately. Investing in waterproofing will surely improve the quality and strength of your home, making it more valuable in the long run.


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