6 Home-Repairs You Should Invest in Before Listing the Property for Sale

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The housing market has seen a significant pick-up, and while it is undoubtedly more competitive than ever, the price of homes on the market continues to rise. Keeping this in mind, you want to make sure your house is ready for prospective buyers. After all, you want the best price possible, a faster sale and a more manageable overall transaction.
You can accomplish all of this with some minor home repairs that will help accentuate your property’s features while de-emphasizing its flaws. Before you put your home on the market, make sure to complete a few simple projects that can make a world of difference. Therefore, here are some of the essential home repairs you should prioritize before putting your property on the market:

Roof Repair

Roofs can take a beating over time, and this stress affects the overall condition of your property. You should do a roof inspection before listing your LA home for sale since it can have a massive impact on both the list price and future buyer interest. There are several essential things to consider when examining your roof, such as the age of the shingles, how they look, and any obvious signs of damage. If you live in California and find that your roof is overdue for a replacement, then it’s best to hire emergency roofing in Los Angeles to make the necessary repairs. If you catch these problems early on before they get worse,  then you’ll be able to address these concerns without harming the property’s overall value.

Repaint the Exterior

If your home’s exterior is looking a bit drab, then it may be time to freshen up the paint. Not only will painting bring your home up to date, but you can also do so for an extremely low cost. Plus, the right colour palette can accentuate your home’s best features while minimizing any drawbacks. The key here is to do some research before making this decision since the wrong shade of paint can harm potential buyers. For instance, you probably don’t want to go with a bright shade of orange if the exterior is already a bit faded. Instead, choose an appealing warm neutral that will accentuate your home’s best attributes and minimize its weaknesses. 

Update the Decorative Hardware

Replacing outdated hardware such as knobs and levers on cabinets with newer styles is an inexpensive way to update your property’s overall appearance. You can buy all of this hardware at big-box retailers for very low prices, but make sure to do some research first since there are tons of options out there. Plus, choosing the wrong style or material may negatively affect prospective buyers who could see the outdated decoration as a deal-breaker. So rather than opting for stylish yet impractical pieces that don’t fit with the rest of the decor, stick to something simple and elegant that will complement existing and new décor once buyers move in.

Fix Any Leaks

If you notice a few drips from the kitchen or bathroom sink, then it’s time to make a necessary repair. Leaky faucets and taps can cause significant damage not only to your home but also to prospective buyers’ impression of the property. Consequently, if you have a leaky faucet drip under the sink or in the adjacent cabinet, then this is something that should be fixed immediately. Smaller leaks such as those coming from a showerhead can lead to mould growth, so address these issues before putting your home on the market. Just be sure to do some research before choosing a plumber. Online reviews can be incredibly helpful, especially if multiple options are within your budget.

Address Electric Concerns

If your home is still wired with outdated, inefficient wiring, then it’s time for an upgrade. Replacing your home’s wiring can be a considerable expense, but the long-term benefits will outweigh the initial cost. Not only is this one of those projects that can significantly contribute to your property’s overall value, but it also has the potential to decrease any energy bills as well as prevent future accidents from occurring. Most importantly, if you don’t prioritize this project, you could end up having to forfeit a portion of your asking price to have it completed.

Enhance the Landscape

The exterior of your home is one of the first things that potential buyers will see, so it makes sense to make a good impression and enhance your property’s landscaping. Not only will this help to restore curb appeal, but it can also improve the overall appearance of the property as a whole. So if there are patches of dead grass or weeds that need to be replaced, then now’s the time to take care of that as well. Plus, you may want to consider planting some new flowers or adding decorative garden stones near entrances for added flair. Any creative landscaping ideas will do, as long as you invest in something that can create a lasting impression.

By completing these projects before listing your house for sale, you can be confident that you’re getting an adequate return on your investment while ensuring a faster sale process overall. So when you’re ready to sell, make sure that you take the necessary steps in getting your home prepared for its next chapter.


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