6 Ways to Save Money on Your Big Move

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You’ve found the perfect place to call home, but it isn’t just across town. Instead, you’re packing up for a big move – maybe even across the country. Needless to say, the bigger the move, the more expensive it is, so you’ll be looking at ways to save something on the costs. We explore some obvious, not-so-obvious, cost-savers to keep in mind as you prepare for that long-distance move.

1. Consider Shipping Your Car

On the face of it, car shipping companies charge a lot for moving your car. But there are tons of reasons why it might represent a saving. The cost of fuel is only a tiny part of that. There’s also wear and tear on your car and the fact that long trips add to your mileage and reduce the value of your vehicle.


And let’s be frank: everybody who is moving house is at least somewhat tired and stressed out. Both of these factors increase the chances of a road accident happening. In fact, some studies say that as many as 20 per cent of road accidents can be attributed to driver fatigue.


Over and above that, there’s the cost of meals and accommodation on the road. And the bigger your family is, the more it will cost. All in all, having your car shipped could represent a saving.

2. Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

One thing you already know for sure is that reducing how many things you move is going to save you time, effort, and stress. But in long-distance moves, it’s not just a matter of decluttering. Take a long, hard look at everything you own, shop around online to check prices, and decide whether getting replacements will be more cost-effective than moving what you have.

 Factor in the risks of moving items too. Although movers give you a chance to check items in when they arrive, many breakages are only picked up later, and by that time, you may no longer be able to make a claim for the damages.

3. Beware False Economies

Trying to do everything as cheaply as possible can have its pitfalls. For example, a cheap removal company may not be a good removal company Research the companies you plan to use carefully and use reputation as a filter through which you evaluate quotes. Think about your time too. Some companies will even do your packing for you, and if your time can earn you more money than that service costs, you should certainly go for it!


Remember to check out insurance and how any claims you might make will be processed. It’s worth paying a little more for a company that can cover obvious damages in full and who makes it easy for you to do so.


4. Be Smart With Packing


If you’re paying for a company to pack your belongings, it’s obviously not worth trying to do it yourself. But if you’re packing everything up yourself, there are ways to cut the cost of packing materials. But be careful about how you do it.

First, if you’re moving with a partner, be sure you’re on the same page about what’s going with you and what isn’t. This will reduce the number of boxes you need and the number of packing materials you use.

 There are lots of ways to get free cardboard boxes. You can post “Wanted” ads online or put up signs where you live. You could also ask friends and family who have just moved to give you their spare boxes.


5. Get Creative With Refrigerated Foods


This might sound a little unconventional, but it can be a great way to save money on your move. It’s also an excellent way to reduce the need for packing materials.

 Start by using up everything you can. If there’s food in your fridge that won’t last the journey, eat it! When you’re down to the last few things, put them in a cooler box with ice packs. If it’s summer, you can just leave them in the fridge, but if it’s winter, there’s a chance that your fridge could be turned off for a while, so you’ll need to keep things cool.


6. Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

 If you’re moving long-distance, you’ll need to get quotes from multiple companies first. Even if you’re moving locally, it’s worth doing your research. Shop around and compare quotes from different companies.


Be sure to check reviews and see what past customers say about the companies you’re considering. For example, if you’re moving to a new city and you don’t know anybody there, it might be worth paying a little more for a company that’s recommended by somebody you trust.

Also, think about the services you’re looking for. Some companies offer packing services, storage, and insurance, so compare the cost of those services too.


Here’s to a Fresh Start!

There’s one final cost to consider when you’re thinking about a move: the toll it will take on you and your family. Work to approach the move with a positive mindset, start planning well ahead of time, and make a move as comfortable for everyone as possible. If that means spending a little more to make things easier, consider doing so. After all, money isn’t everything to you, but your family is!

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