7 Tips for Creating Maximum Curb Appeal When Selling A Home

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Curb appeal is the first impression a home makes on a potential buyer, which can be a lasting one. It draws in potential buyers as soon as they lay eyes on the property, while continuing throughout the showing, creating that dream home for the next owner. Curb appeal can also help with a quick sale with many potential buyers. Curb appeal is about making the buyer feel welcome and imagining the home as their own, and there are a variety of home improvements that will help to increase that that feeling to a potential buyer. Let’s look at a few tips for creating maximum curb appeal for your home.

Remove Clutter


One secret to selling a home is helping the buyer imagine the home is already their home. Remove as much personal clutter as possible to create an inviting look when the buyer enters the home. Remove any garden tools, trash cans, or bikes from plain site. Give the yard a quick walk around and remove any paper or waste that may be unappealing. Leave a yard that looks inviting and well kept. Consider hiring lawn mowing services to help you keep the front lawn well maintained.

Repaint Your Home


A new coat of paint can drastically change the look of your home. If you can swing it, consider committing to giving your home a new coat of paint. Research colors that would fit in well with the neighborhood and appeal to buyers.

Replace Fixtures


The front of your house can be spruced up by replacing old or broken fixtures. New exterior light fixtures can make the home seem warm and inviting. Replace any old and worn-out house numbers with metal numbers. Steer clear of stickers or paint, which can seem gaudy to some buyers.

Power Wash


Consider giving any concrete or brick edifices around your home a good power washing. You can rent a power washer if you don’t own one and knock this chore out in a single weekend. If you don’t have the option to repaint, power washing a house can still brighten a home’s siding. Consider repairing any damage to your stucco siding.

Repair the Roof


Another area that buyers will focus on the outside of your home is the condition of the roof. No one wants to buy a leaky house, so water damage inside may turn off potential buyers. If you have had roof trouble in the past, get the problem fixed. Fix any water damage caused by the issue. You can save the receipts and show them to the buyer to assure them the roof has been replaced recently.

Keep Lawn Mowed

If your house is on the market for several months, you should arrange for a lawn care service to keep it trimmed. They will cut back overgrown shrubs and mow any neglected and overgrown areas. The result is a clean appearance that the buyer can imagine as their own. Landscaping can also change the curb appeal of your home. Look at your neighbor’s garden for ideas. Plant groupings are more noticeable than individual flowers, while symmetrical pots can frame an entrance.

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