A Premier HVAC Company Unveils Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Heating And Cooling System

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To keep your HVAC unit working in good shape, ensure that you practice regular preventive maintenance. This is the only way to prolong the life of your heating system as well as the AC system. Plus, it guarantees trouble-free operation and optimal performance when you need it most.

According to research, heating and cooling systems consume almost two-thirds of home energy. So, it’s imperative to make smart choices for improving the efficiency and performance of your unit. For a system that heats and cools, consider performing maintenance during the spring and fall. But for cooling system only, perform maintenance once every year, prior to the cooling season. When it comes to furnace maintenance only, it’s important that you perform maintenance once per year, prior to the heating season. Other HVAC maintenance tips include:

Replace the Air Filters

Change the filters in your central air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace regularly. A dirty filter damages your equipment and elevates energy costs. So, be proactive and do the right thing always. Don’t allow simple things to mess you up!

Perform Annual Maintenance

Ensure that annual system maintenance service is performed 1 to 2 months before the onset of the summer season. Research indicates that keeping your system clean and making sure that it’s running effectively can help you save over 20 per cent on your heating and cooling bills.

Remove Debris

Don’t allow debris to accumulate on the condensing unit. Clean it regularly and trim all shrubs as well as plants near your air conditioning unit. This will ensure that there is proper airflow and circulation.

Additionally, ensure that your vents plus registers are cleaned at least once every year to facilitate the efficient circulation of air. This will, in turn, minimize energy consumption and significantly reduce your bills.

Install an Automatic Thermostat

Programmed thermostats can always be programmed to regulate the temperature whilst you’re away from your home or at night when you’re sleeping. This will, in turn, cut down your energy bills by at least 10 per cent. Sounds great, right? No one enjoys paying huge electricity bills- so take the right steps and stay on the safe side.

There are several other things you can do to boost your energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. Ensure that your air conditioning works perfectly during the summer by maintaining it as required. Change the air filter. Schedule air conditioning maintenance service. Replace older AC units. And clean the filters regularly.

The Bottom-Line

During summer or winter, heating and cooling systems are your best friends. But without proper care, they might breakdown during the most inopportune time. And you’re scorching hot or sweltering cold, and in need of urgent repairs. Be prepared for the warm or cold season with preventive maintenance from Central Oregon Heating And Cooling Company! Learn how to properly maintain your HVAC system and keep it operating at peak efficiency. The above tips can help you maintain your HVAC system properly and have it working efficiently throughout the year.


Ref number: THSI-2061

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