Adding Value with DIY Extensions

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There are some household or garden chores that, while they may seem relatively simple and innocuous, can prove deceptively difficult to execute effectively. These tasks can also create genuine risk, and if the statistics concerning DIY safety are to be believed, then this is something that should be avoided at all costs.



There are other tasks that can add genuine value to your home, however, such as building a conservatory. While this can take time and a considerable upfront investment, it can also add anywhere between 7% and 11% to the value of your home. This should therefore be considered as a labour of love and one that can deliver huge returns.




How to Build a Conservatory in Several Simple Steps


With this in mind, let‘s take a look at the steps that you should take to build a conservatory in a safe and effective manner: –



#1  Take your Measurements and Create a Foundation


Initially, you will need to ensure that your dimensions and measurements are correct on the base plan. This will guarantee the accuracy of your work going forward, and once this has been done, you can lay the concrete base to fit the space in question. You must then fit the external sills, and bear in mind that they are usually factory manufactured to a required specification. This makes them ideal for the purpose of fitting your concrete base and creating a solid foundation.




#2 Add Frames and all External Doors


With the base secured, the next step is to fit the first frame to the house with fixtures that should have been supplied with the conservatory. All additional frames should then be positioned carefully with the help of a partner, before you join these together and fix them in place with special connectors. The same principle can then be applied to the doors, and you will usually need to install one interior opening that connects to the house and an exterior exit that leads to the outside.  On a final note, you should then connect the final frame to the structure.




#3 Add the Roof and Finish your Conservatory


With the foundation and the external structure in place, the final part of the process involves the fitting of a roof ridge and rafters. Your rafters may need to be cut to size with a high powered circular saw, but once they have been prepared you can begin to build your roof ridge before securing it in place above the frames. The next step is to secure your rafters in place between the roof ridge and the hip bars, completing the framework of your roof and the conservatory as a whole. If desired, you can even fit polycarbonate roof glazing sheets over the rafters and a decorative roof cresting to create a more aesthetically pleasing finish. On a final note, remember to fit your clip-on guttering and drainpipes and glaze the framework of your structure.



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