Amenities to Look For in a Student Residence

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Being a student doesn’t mean you have to live like a pauper. Living in comfort will allow you to focus better on your studies to ensure you reach your university goals. If you’re looking for a student residence in Manitoba, be sure the one you select offers the following amenities. Otherwise, you could regret your choice by the end of your first term.



Your life as a student is going to be very busy. You don’t have time to spend on finding transportation, travelling to stores to shop for necessities or to your university for classes, making minor residence repairs, or spending time trying to find a good restaurant for dinner. Any residence you choose should be convenient for you. This means convenience in terms of location (steps from your university, near stores, bus stops, and other transportation and shopping options) and assistance (24/7 on-call and on-site maintenance and repair services, concierge services, and other assistance services).

Top student residences even rent out space to commercial businesses that offer students valuable services and products they can access on their time. Convenience stores and restaurants open when classes aren’t in session are vital for students who don’t always keep regular hours. You need a residence that will accommodate your student life instead of one that caters to working adults.


High-End Facilities

As a student, you’re probably on a fairly tight budget. You don’t want to spend more money on a gym membership or business services if you don’t have to. A student residence should include a quality on-site gym and a business centre that you can access any time of the day or night. You never know when you might have some time to get a workout in or need to scan a document and send it to your professor. 

Saving money isn’t the only reason you’ll want high-end facilities in your residence. Convenience also plays a part, so your building should have on-site laundry facilities, study rooms, and a community gathering area. These facilities are necessary to get the most out of your university experience, and you shouldn’t have to travel elsewhere to find them. They should be right where you live to take advantage of them when needed.



Your parents are even if you’re not considering your safety at university. You’ll want to be able to reassure them that your residence takes your security seriously through high-tech features like smart locks. Older residences may not have the technology available today to keep you as safe as possible, so look for newer buildings or those that have upgraded to smart technology that allows for access control so that not just anyone can get into the building. 


Your residence should also have on-site management that can respond to your concerns at any time of the day or night. Having someone available to immediately address issues that arise goes a long way in deterring crime. Access-controlled elevators and secure outside doors are also a must-have when considering any student residence.



As a student, you probably do not have enough money to purchase furniture for your living space and the furniture you can afford is likely not great. Fortunately, many high-end student residences are already furnished. All you have to do is move in. Look for a residence that offers, at a minimum, a bed, a desk, a dresser or under-bed drawers, a desk, a refrigerator, a microwave, a cooktop or stove and oven, and a sofa or couch. 

You probably won’t need much more than these items, so not worrying about buying them can take a lot off your mind. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to purchase some accessories to make the space your own, but you don’t have to lay out the money to buy the basics when you know you aren’t living there forever.


High-Speed Internet

If the pandemic taught us anything, students must have access to high-speed internet at home in case they have to go online for classes. Any student residence you’re considering should include high-speed Internet service in its rental price. Because you’re a student, this is not something you should have to pay extra for in a student residence building. It should be included in your rental fee and it should be fast and reliable.


Other Amenities

Other amenities you may want in a student residence include underground parking, bicycle parking, community programming, a game room, and a television in your apartment. While these amenities may not be deal breakers like those mentioned here, they are still quite lovely.



Don’t settle for just any apartment as a student. You deserve to have the best possible living environment while you’re working your way through school. Keep your standards high and find that luxury student residence that offers everything you need to succeed.

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