Be Safe Online

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The House Shop website has been putting buyers and sellers together online since 2000. The vast majority of people have sold and bought successfully without a problem.
We have put together some tips and advice to help maintain our great reputation and too keep you safe online.
Top Ten Safety Tips
  1. Don’t use money transfer services like Western Union or Moneygram to buy and sell or rent anything. These services are not designed for trading with strangers and you may lose your money.
  2. Meet in a public place, bring a friend with you or let someone know where you’re going fraudsters especially hate doing business inside banks or places where they are on CCTV.
  3. Don’t carry large sums of money with you the first time you meet someone
  4. Keep things local by meeting face to face. Do not trade with people overseas or who state they are temporarily aboard.
  5. For expensive items, go to the bank with the seller to make the payment. If you are accepting cheque as a method of payment ensure the funds have been cleared in your bank account before you release the item.
  6. Always research prospective employers independently and always meet prospective employers in person before accepting a job. Never provide your bank details before you have met your employer and actually accepted the job
  7. When buying a pet ask to see the mother of the animal don’t accept offers to ship a pet to you from abroad.
  8. Beware of overseas sellers offering to ship you the item If someone offers to pay for an item and the shipping costs but asks you to pay shipping costs first upfront, don’t. You are likely to loose the money.
  9. Be suspicious if someone offers to pay a lot more than your asking price
  10.  Never disclose personal details until you are sure a buyer is genuine.
More Help About Online Safety

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