Best Advice For Decorating Your New Home

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Everyone has the dream of having a new look, and with the different home decoration ideas it is a realistic possibility. When you change the room or even the entire house, it is important to remember that the design will require some attention. Here are some ways to make the room seem fresh and beautiful. If you’re still looking for your first home purchase, we’ve heard great things about Get Agent.


Start with the bedroom.

By starting with your bedroom allows you to feel more comfortable with the new house, remember your bedroom It’s where you’ll be spending almost a third of your time when you’re at home, after all. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for new bedding first, but don’t skimp on thread count! Buy as well as you can afford to spend in this area, it makes a huge difference. If you have.Still more cash in your pocket? Add coordinating window treatments. Early risers should opt for a lighter palette of colors and more translucent treatments. Night owls who like to sleep in will probably likely be more satisfied with deeper tones and more substantial coverings that block out the light


The first mistake most people make is that they buy things that are the wrong size – sofas that don’t fit in the room, sofas that don’t fit through doorways, tables that are too small, desks that are too big, nightstands that hang into the doorway.” Carefully measuring your space can help avoid such problems, in that way you can have much more space for you and your loved ones.


Don’t buy everything all at once. Live in your new house for at least two months before you make any significant purchases. How you think you’re going to use the house and how you actually live in the house are commonly two different things. Maybe that $5,000 you were going to spend on renovating the bathroom isn’t quite as important as beefing up the kitchen and dining area for maximum entertaining purposes. And you may figure out that the living room love-seat would work much better in your master bedroom and the master bedroom’s chaise will work better in the den.


Fight the urge to match. Retail stores love to perpetuate the fallacy that everything has to match. They would love for you to buy everything in sets, but don’t do it! A few pieces with the same styling are fine, but any more than that and your home has the lifeless, generic look of a furniture showroom. Make sure your own personal style shows through, which most likely isn’t bland, beige and boring.


Don’t forget the lights.

To set the right mood, add dimmers on all of your lights. Bright isn’t always right.

“Lighting, table lamps, chandeliers, etc. Brings a lot of style into a room! Go BIG vs. smaller table lamps!” Kathy Burke, founder of Sensational Home Staging. Replace dated light fixtures in the main rooms of your home to make it feel more inviting; use high-wattage bulbs in lamps and light fixtures for maximum effect.


Less is more.

“De-clutter and de-stress. Too many items on coffee tables, pillows on chairs and art pieces on walls make a space feel cramped. Stick to a few statement pieces and oversize art to give your room a clean, modern look. Remember that less is always more! In other words, showcase your personality and style through thoughtfully placed accessories and art, and avoid unnecessary clutter.” Florence Attinger, head of the San Francisco staging and design team.


Guys! always remember to Mix high and low.

Not everything needs to be bought brand new or have a designer label on it. In fact, good design is all about balance; and sourcing from all different places and price points will keep your space feeling authentic and inviting.


Lastly, My best recommendation has waited a couple of days before making any changes on your new house, see if what you have met your expectations if so, just make some small change on your furniture matching space and mobility in that way you could have an amazing experience on your new Connecticut home from William Pitt’s New Milford homes for sale.


Don’t waste time caring about what other persons can say about the remodeling and follow your intuition and pay attention to what your loved ones say is very important at the end of the day their words count as well.

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