7 Handyman Services to Make Your Move into a New Home a Whole Lot Easier

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Moving into a new home can be overwhelmingly daunting, especially when setting everything up. But what if you could delegate these tasks?

From furniture assembly and TV mounting to sorting out plumbing and electrical issues—all contribute heavily to making your transition smoother.

Here are some handyman services that might just become your moving-day heroes!

1. Dealing with Furniture Assembly

The unboxing and assembly of furniture in your new home can be a Herculean task. Imagine having Ikea flat-packs all around or super-heavy wardrobes waiting to wrestle with you.

A handyman service saves valuable time and eliminates the risk of DIY accidents.

It’s all about making your moving process as stress-free as possible by leaving this job to professionals!

2. TV Mounting Made Easy

Mounting a television might seem simple, but it’s more than just hanging a frame. An improperly mounted TV set can lead to unnecessary complications and expenses.

Plus, do you want to risk your new wall or your brand-new smart TV? That’s another reason to get the right person for the job in your new hometown.

Why a local handyman?

For example, if you’re moving to Houston, look into providers of quality TV mounting services in this area of Texas. Working with a reputed service provider offers peace of mind by ensuring your TV is secure and positioned for the best viewing experience.

They handle everything from drilling to measuring. All you may need to do is sit back and enjoy watching.

3. Getting Through Plumbing Repairs and Installations

One of the most overlooked items on a moving checklist is plumbing. No one wants to discover leaking pipes or non-functional kitchen systems upon move-in.

This is another area where handyman services come to your rescue. They’re skilled in everything from bathroom installations to fixing dripping taps.

By choosing professional help for plumbing work, you ensure that minor issues don’t grow into major troubles that can be otherwise costly.

4. Addressing Electrical Issues Ahead of Time

Flickering lights, faulty switches, or a defective toaster outlet might not seem like significant issues initially, but they can complicate your settling-in process. Ignoring these minute problems often leads to more significant headaches in the future.

Handyman services provide certified electricians who can replace old wiring and set up new fixtures.

The added benefit? You can rest easy knowing that all electrical work is done following safety standards and regulations.

5. Final Patch-Up and Paintwork

Moving furniture or installing new electronics can sometimes lead to surprising dents, scratches, or holes in your walls. Before you know it, your brand-new home doesn’t look so new anymore.

Experienced handymen can repair this damage and even give the rooms a fresh paint coat if needed. Besides saving you time and effort, it also helps maintain and increase your property’s longevity.

6. Resolving Potential Locksmith Dilemmas

I just moved and can’t find the key to your storage unit. Have you got spare keys for all the doors in your new home? When security concerns strike, it’s best to turn to professional help.

Handyman services often include locksmith solutions that ensure safety and ease these unexpected worries. The bonus? Experts can also recommend improved lock systems as part of your home’s security strategy.

7. Cleaning Services for a Fresh Start in Your New Home

Once everything is set up, you’ll probably face a lot of leftover mess. Besides, there’s the issue of deep cleaning as the final touch for making your new house truly feel like home.

Professional cleaners can make all these worries disappear, giving your new place that squeaky-clean freshness from day one.

It’s another important task you can straightforwardly delegate, leaving you to focus on settling in and personalising your space.

Who Exactly is a Handyman?

A handyman, or handywoman, is a skilled “jack of all trades” who can handle many home maintenance and repair tasks. Their expertise generally includes routine jobs like fixing plumbing issues, assembling furniture, or mounting TVs to more specialised work such as electrical repairs or locksmith services.

Outsourcing these tasks to a trusted and professional handyman during your move can make the whole process considerably less stressful and more efficient.

How Much Do Handyman Services Charge?

Handyman service costs can vary greatly, depending on the exact task and region. Generally, you can fork an hourly rate ranging from $50 to $100. Some tasks may also come with flat fees; requesting detailed quotes upfront is always wise.

In conclusion, moving is hard work. But with the right handyman services on your side, it’s manageable and far less stressful. Get ready to start this new chapter of your life in your new home. Congratulations, and happy moving!

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