Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom

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So your bedroom is small. Maybe you want to redecorate it because your house is up for sale and you want to make it look it bigger or maybe you just bought a new home and have a new bedroom that’s a bit smaller than the one you just moved out of. Either way, you are looking to make a small bedroom look bigger and we are here to help.

Use Light Colors for the Walls

If you are looking at colors, choose a light one for your walls. The reflection of light will give the impression of a larger room. Reds, dark blues, or browns will give the room a more constricted feel. If you want blue go with a light blue. The goal is to make the room feel bigger or look bigger to potential buyers.

Use Dark Colors for the Ceiling

By doing this you will catch the attention of any eyes that come into your room. If you want to get creative then put some thick stripes or paint a dark sky scene on your ceiling. The key here is to divert attention away from the walls by drawing them up.

Get the Smallest Bed You Can

If you are sharing your bed with someone, or hope to, then a twin is not the ideal situation for you. If you are decorating a room for a child, then a twin it is. You can put in a daybed or possibly a bunk bed for more than one child.

The important part of this trick is to get a bed that isn’t touching all four walls of your room. Put a bed in the room that will be comfortable yet leave space for you to live.

Save Space with Furniture

It’s pretty safe to say that the more furniture you use the smaller your bedroom will seem. If you are setting up the room to show for the sale of the house then minimize your belongings and diminish the amount of furniture in that bedroom.

If you are decorating a brand new bedroom, then consider the types of furniture that are space savers as well. You can use a futon or sofa bed instead of a full bed. If you are purchasing a new memory foam mattress, make sure to visit The Sleep Judge to get an educated opinion, then consider getting the type of base that has drawers built-in for storage. Another option are the headboards that are made of shelves. Add a few cute baskets and your storage space increases.

Consider Wall Shelves

If you put a few of those cute little shelves on your walls this give you more space in your small bedroom. Of course, you don’t want to cover the walls with tons of shelves. The idea here is still “less is more.” Still, if you have room on the walls or a shelving unit that fits into the corner then you will add storage without stealing too much space.


Mirrors are the best way to make a room look bigger. If you put some on opposite walls then they can even make it look like your room goes on forever and ever. Long mirrors on one wall that go from the ceiling to the floor and then smaller ones on the opposite wall. You can go all out and put full mirrors on opposite walls but that might be a bit too much. Subtlety goes a long way.

Window Dressings

If the room is small your best bet might be to just have some thin horizontal blinds and not add anything more. But, if you are a lover of draperies then don’t go dark with the color. Again, light colors like white and beiges will help give the room the illusion of being larger, just like the walls.

Also, if you are going with drapes, keep them short and avoid them reaching all the way to the ground. If they are long, tie a knot into them so they are above the floor. If you let them hang long, the flow of the room will not move smoothly.

Add Some Green

Plants that is. An aloe plant on top of your new shelve and maybe hanging vine. This will give your room an airy feel. Rooms with plants in them tend to feel more open as well. Plus, sitting in a room with plants that give off precious oxygen during photosynthesis, is relaxing, which is exactly what a bedroom should be.


There are many ways you can make a small bedroom feel like a huge one and we’ve presented quite a few of them here to you. The important thing, when decorating any room, is to make it feel like yours. Put what you love in your room and its decor will be a reflection of you. Then it won’t matter how small it is.

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