Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Boosting your home’s curb appeal can make your property get a value boost and make the place a lot more pleasant to live in. Just imagine a scenario where you’re returning home from work on a winter day, to a perfect, neat and well-illuminated home. Wouldn’t this set your mood into a resting mode much easier? Also, if you’re having guests over, it would be much easier to impress them before they even walk into the place. All in all, here are some tips, tricks and suggestions that can get you there the fastest and the most easily.

1.      Working on your entryway

The first massive improvement that you need to make to your home is improving its front entrance. Strictly speaking, this is the focal point of your home’s exterior and if you decide to organize the landscape symmetrically, you’ll have to work on it in agreement with the entryway. For starters, you can make a paved stone porch or even create a stone walkway towards it. A seating area just outside it is just as good of an idea. You also need to replace your front door or go for the more frugal option of painting it. Sometimes, just by replacing various front door elements, you can make a massive difference in the appearance of the place.

2.      Landscape lighting is quite important

In the evening hours, the landscape lighting will not only make your home much more beautiful, it will also make it seem a lot safer. Think about it, curb appeal is the appearance of your home in the eyes of passers-by. During the night, when everything is dark and scary, a single illuminated spot will appear much more appealing. For its longevity and power-friendliness, you should always turn to LED fixtures and use LED bulbs. This gives you a much better power-to-light ratio and even allows you to label the place as eco-friendly. Also, you get to choose which areas of your home should be illuminated and which should stay hidden under the veil of darkness.

3.      Build a porch

NSW climate will allow you to spend most of the year outdoors if you wish so, which is why you might want to consider the idea of building a porch. This will increase the curb appeal of your home, as well as give you a beautiful, partially enclosed space to spend time in during the warmer part of the year. Such a project can be quite expensive unless you decide to make it into a DIY project. To make a budget for this project, you should definitely look for Sydney power tools retailers to check the prices, as well as make a list of all the supplies you’ll need.

4.      Landscaping

A single tree in front of your home can boost the value of the property by as much as $10,000. Still, more shrubbery and more tree line also require more maintenance. Pruning, raking leaves and mowing are tasks that you have to perform on a daily basis in order to keep your property as appealing as possible. This issue is a matter of routine but it is also something that you need to worry about from a perspective of tools maintenance. Whether you’ll optimize a part of your garage for the tools, keep them in an attic or construct a shed in your backyard (even though this might not seem like a related topic) is completely up to you. 

5.      Power-wash the façade

The very last thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that sometimes you don’t really have to paint the façade, you just need to power-wash it in order to completely transform it. You don’t have to stop with the façade, seeing as how your pavement, doors, window blinds and frames should be power-washed, as well. Due to the fact that pressure washers may be too expensive for you to buy, you should look for a way to rent them out. Even if you have to pay $200 for a full day, it’s still a lot less expensive than having to repaint the house. Also, this is not something you’ll have to do day in and day out.


As you can see, while some of these ideas are here to provide you with great value, in the long run, you also need to set your priorities straight. Ask yourself one question – what are you trying to accomplish by boosting your home’s curb appeal? Do you want to make it easier to sell? Boost its resale value? Make it more visually impressive or turn it into a place you always wanted to live in?

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