ECHO4 scheme – All you need to know

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The ECO4 is the fourth phase of The Energy Company Obligation (ECO). It is a government-funded scheme that aims to make homes more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions, and lessen the carbon footprint on a domestic level.

Since the emergence of this scheme, more than 3 million homes have been improved, and the numbers are growing daily. Looking at the bright side of ECO4, many homeowners and private tenants want to know more about this scheme.

If you are also eager to learn more, here is all you must know about the ECO4 scheme.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

The ECO4 scheme has benefitted more than 3 million households, but that does not mean anyone can apply for this program. Homeowners or private tenants who receive other benefits such as child support and pension stand a good chance of benefitting from ECO4. Depending on your household income, a DWP check can tell you about your eligibility for the ECO4 program.

You do not need to apply for ECO4 if you are a homeowner or a private tenant. Landlords can also encourage their tenants to apply for grants and improve the energy efficiency of their property by installing heaters and making different installation services available for free. However, there is no way for private property owners to force their tenants.

  1. Goals of ECO4

The UK government has always looked for ways to lower carbon emissions in the domestic sector as it has a legally binding goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. The ECO4 scheme is a program to fuel those efforts for the government. It can help the government achieve its promises and help households reduce carbon emissions.

The ECO4 program provides grants to eligible households and private tenants. To manage carbon emissions and ensure energy efficiency, the ECO4 program works with main energy companies and suppliers for insulation, heating, and repairs.

You can contact a DWP and see if your household qualifies for the grant. Depending on the need for change and other qualifying conditions, you can get up to 100% of home improvement expenses covered by the government.

  1. Potential Benefits

The ECO4 program has benefited millions of people and households to date. The primary focus of the ECO4 program is to ensure that people with low income can receive the proper support to improve their lives, reduce energy bills, and lessen their carbon footprint.

The ECO4 program is available for anyone who gets income-related benefits, has properties with low EPC scores, or lives with an inefficient system. If approved, the ECO4 grants can cover up to 100% of home improvement costs, meaning you can enjoy home improvement for free.

These home improvements can improve your property values, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Every step along the way can help you save money and protect nature around you for a better tomorrow.

  1. Sections Covered

Many homeowners want to know what the ECO4 program will cover. The answer can depend on various factors, including the energy supplier for your home. Generally, the ECO4 program covers caters to the following areas.

Home Insulation

If you want the ECO4 scheme to benefit your home with a heating system, your home needs to be insulated well. Otherwise, they will not spend resources on a home that cannot retain the heat a heating system produces.

Hence, they always start by seeing the need for insulation in homes and proceeding accordingly.

Boiler Repair

The ECO4 scheme incentivises repairing boiler systems in domestic settings rather than replacing them. This is because most homeowners adopted the practice of replacing their boilers long before their expected lifetime instead of focusing on repairs.

Better Heating Systems

If necessary, the ECO4 scheme aims to replace old boilers and heating systems with eco-friendly alternatives to ensure that every home becomes more eco-friendly.

  1. Best Beneficiaries

From landlords to private tenants and homeowners, there is something suitable for everyone in the ECO4 scheme. However, households with poverty or energy inefficiency with insulation, heating, and energy issues are always preferred to benefit from this scheme.

In addition, people struggling to apply for ECO3 can try their luck again since the eligibility criteria have changed significantly. For example, people who were refused previously due to claiming benefits can now become a part of this scheme as the criteria have changed.

In short, anyone who wanted to but could not be a part of the ECO3 program can revisit the criteria and see if they can benefit from this free quality. The ECO4 program is much more accommodating than the last version of this scheme so that more households can become energy efficient.

ref:  3529.31244  (PPH-AB-1024-5)

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