Finding The Right Boiler For Your Home

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When it comes to boiler solutions for larger homes, property owners are usually at a loss as there are many possible options. All of the available options have their strong points and weaknesses which is why we are using this article to talk about the best all round solution for you.

If you have an attic space or empty cupboard space within your property, you should invest in a system boiler with unvented cylinder. This setup is high pressure and can provide you with all the heating and hot water you will ever need, directly from the mains without any reduction in the flow rate.

Apart from the magnificent water pressure, more home owners are going for the system boiler with an unvented cylinder for an additional reason. The system is very energy efficient. This is possible because the cold water storage tanks are not needed.  In a time when energy efficiency is a hot topic for property owners, this is an important benefit for most property owners.

Additionally, with unvented cylinders, you will be able to enjoy adequate mains balancing at your water outlets. This reduces the possibility of scalding and makes it easy for you to include blending valves into the mix.

With an unvented cylinder therefore, you will find your heating and water running so smoothly that you will rarely have cause to check up the system.

Advantages of a system boiler with unvented cylinder

  • Suitable for larger properties that need a lot of hot water
  • You don’t need to have a separate feed and expansion tank
  • It is easy to draw from multiple taps without any reduction in flow rate
  • Pump is included in the set-up ensuring faster operation and improved energy efficiency
  • The unvented cylinder comes with a 25-year guarantee

Other things to keep in mind about a system boiler with unvented cylinder

  • It takes up space. This is not a problem as most large property owners will have adequate space to house the cylinder.
  • You need to devote time to get the cylinders installed. The best installers will need less than 24 hours though, to complete the installation process. This will allow you to enjoy the installation as soon as possible and reduce the possibility of disruptions around the property.
  • There may be need to upgrade your incoming water mains pipe to 22m.
  • The setup is costly. However, when the energy efficiency of the entire set-up and the longevity of the unvented cylinder are taken into consideration, the cost of the set-up is good value for owners of large properties.

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