Garden Rooms Add Value To Homes: Here Are A Few Reasons Why

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One of the main reasons people get an extension is it adds value to a home. However, it takes a lot of work to add an extension to a property and it is a very expensive task to undertake. A good alternative to extensions is a woo garden building, which doesn’t take up too much space and you won’t have to shell out as much money as you would if you wanted to get a house extension.


Will a garden room actually add more value to your home? In short, yes it will but not to the same extent as a traditional extension would. However, there are several benefits you’ll reap when the time comes to sell your property and those benefits include:


  1. More Floor Space


Potential buyers are fans of usable floor space, which is why open plan conversions have grown in popularity throughout the last few years. When walls are removed, the space can be used for various purposes. A garden room will create more floor space in your home. You can use a garden room as an office, spare bedroom or a shed where you store your tools, which also means your potential buyers will be able to use it for anything they want too. If you are looking for garden buildings for sale, then we’d advise it.


  1.  Increases Odds Of Making A Faster Sale


There is a wow factor associated with a garden room. It makes an excellent first impression and it is visually appealing. Not only that, but your chances of making a faster sale go up by a lot.


If there are 4-5 similar properties to your that are being sold, and you are the only one with a garden room, then that’s good. Your home will be more memorable and you might have more viewings on a regular basis. The more people who see your home in person, the more of a chance you have of making a fast sale.  

  1. Makes Your Garden More Attractive


A garden room can enhance the looks of any garden, regardless of how basic it is. Your potential buyers will immediately notice the garden and the garden, and then they will start to get ideas about what they can do to it. Garden rooms are considered to be a bonus in the eyes of many potential buyers. In fact, a garden room will make your home standout from the other homes being looked at.


  1. Attracts Business Owners & Professionals


Your property becomes more appealing when a high quality garden room is installed, especially to those who work for themselves or small business owners. It’s even more appealing if you created a garden room to be used as an office. A business owner or self-employed person would have to pay a lot of money if they wanted to have a home office built from scratch.


How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add


By now you’re probably wondering how much more value does a garden room add to a property. There are several factors that play a role. For starters, different types of properties are valued differently, and there are regional factors that come into play too.  In fact, you can have two homes being sold for two completely different prices in the same city. For example, one might be selling for $150,000 and two blocks over the other home is being sold for double. This is just how things work. Generally speaking, one thing is for sure that that is a garden room will add a bit of value to a property. Your property should increase in value by around five-percent. Sometimes it is more than that, but you do usually get a good return on investment with a garden room.  It’s all about quality. You want to make sure the garden room you build is of high quality, otherwise potential buyers won’t care too much for it. Always choose a reputable designer when it comes to having a garden room built.

Do you want to add value to your property? If so, build a garden room today. You and your potential buyers will love it.


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