Get Your Home Ready for Winter With These Tips

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As the colder months start creeping in, you need to prepare your home for this harsh season. Winter can easily wreak havoc on your home, and you need to take proper precautions to keep your property and loved ones safe. Here, we look at the best ways to get your home ready for winter.

  1. Check your heating system

Keeping your house warm must be a top priority as winter approaches. The last thing you want is to bear the brunt of cold weather when you could be safer by having the experts from Allied Experts check out and repair your heating system.  This will not only ensure you keep warm but also help avoid accidental fires caused by faulty heating equipment, chimneys, or fireplaces.

  1. Insulate your attic and chimney space

Heat loss will be your biggest headache when it starts getting cold, and one of the cost-efficient ways of keeping your home warm is by insulating your attic and chimney space. Before doing this, ensure these spaces are properly cleaned to avoid the risk of chimney fires or carbon monoxide buildup.

  1. Ensure you have no moisture problems

Excess indoor moisture is dangerous, especially during winter, as it will quickly lead to severe property damages and make it harder to keep your house warm. Mould buildup caused by this problem can also lead to severe eye, throat, nose, and lung irritation making your home inhabitable. Constantly checking the humidity levels in your house and a thorough inspection of all rooms will help identify if you have an underlying problem. If you notice an unusual smell, dark spots on the wall, or visible condensations, you will need to resolve the moisture problem before winter kicks in.

  1. Protect your pipes

You do not want to risk having a broken or frozen pipe at the peak of winter, as this will leave you with costly water damage. The easiest way to avoid this problem is by padding your pipes as you pay attention to the state of your plumbing system. Always ensure you do not head into winter with leaking pipes, a water heater that is failing, or a sump pump that is not working.

  1. Repair your roof and clear gutters

One of the most important things to remodel before winter is your roof to prevent water leaks and ensure it can hold the weight of accumulated snow or ice. This should then be enhanced with proper insulation and venting of your roof to prevent damaging ice dams from forming. You should also clear your gutters to provide a good channel for melting snow to run off without causing any damages.

  1. Seal leaks in your windows and doors

Save yourself from paying high energy bills by sealing your windows and doors to prevent unnecessary heat loss. There are many ways to eliminate draughts, and you could opt for DIY methods such as using weather stripping, installing a storm window, and using heavier curtains. If your windows and doors are old and could be a hazard during winter, you should replace them.

  1. Prepare for a storm

Never let a winter storm take you by surprise by being prepared for it. Always assume the worst and think ahead by:

  • Having enough supplies to take you through several days
  • Having a backup generator, in case of power interruptions
  • Keeping an emergency kit containing medication, flashlights, first-aid kit, portable charger, and battery-powered radio, among other essentials
  • Ensuring your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working
  1. Prevent pest invasions

Pests always seek warm places to shelter during winter, and you do not want to host these pesky insects and animals. The best prevention is to pest-proof your home to limit the possibilities of an invasion that will be harder to control once it starts getting warmer.

  1. Do not forget your outdoor space

As you prepare your interior space for winter, equal focus is needed for your outdoor space. Some of the best practices to adhere to include:

  • Trim large tree limbs that might pose a danger in the event of a storm
  • Cut down dead trees
  • Secure outdoor water sources
  • Take care of your patio
  • Winterize your lawn
  • Mark your paths and driveways
  • Check your security lights


Getting your home winter-ready is a small price to pay as it prevents costly damages while keeping your loved ones safe. These tips highlight the important aspects to consider before the cold season starts.


Ref number: THSI-2466

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