Health protocols in student housing

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University is a beautiful part of student life. The amount of autonomy, fun and prospect of trying out new things is unparalleled to any other phase of life. And that euphoria is increased by the experience of student housing.

As things are getting normal as vaccination rates are rising across the globe to counter Covid-19, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

But we cannot let our guards down, and educational institutions and service providers are thinking the same. Universities all across the globe have implemented Covid-19 and other protocols for returning students to their campuses and student housing.

So we have prepared a list of things to know about health protocols in student housing in 2022 but first, let’s find out what kind of student housing will be available to students in 2022.

Types of student housing 

●     University dormitories: Rooms are off a continuous hallway in the older-style university residence, with social space given for all occupants, usually on the ground level. They could provide shared rooms at a significant cost saving.

●     Halls of residence: Your institution or university will most likely provide you with housing in huge halls of residence. It is usual for the halls to be operated and administered by a private service provider that has given part of the rooms to your institution for student accommodation rather than the university itself. 

Although most residences no longer provide meals, some other traditional school halls are “catered halls,” which would provide lunch and dinner. Catered halls can help you save money and provide meaningful ways to make friendships over meals.

●     Private student housing: Many bigger cities feature private accommodation like student housing in Glasgow and London, not assigned to any particular university. Students can make reservations directly with the housing consulting company. 

They are comparable to university-managed halls in many aspects, but with a more outstanding quality of assistance, furniture, amenities, and a lower cost of living. Whether there is any student accommodation in your area, your institution can assist you, but you’ll be negotiating a deal with a privately owned company, not with your institution. 

The majority of student accommodation comprises communal flats where many students have a kitchen/social room where they may make their food. In most cases, every individual will have their bedroom.

Covid protocols that you will encounter

It would help if you observed the following when you reach on your Move-In Day:

●     Health screening-All visitors and residents will indeed be required to complete a health screening before entering their living area. 

●     Masks: All students and visitors will be required to adhere to policies that require the wearing of non-medical masks or face coverings within the premises and student accommodation of Coventry and Birmingham. We ask that all students and visitors wear non-medical masks or facial shields in all residential areas for the length of their move-in. 

●     Visitor Limit: We advise visitors to say their goodbyes to pupils at the gates and avoid campus or housing buildings if at all feasible. 

●     Physical Distancing: We ask that students and visitors maintain a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) of physical separation in campus and housing areas.


Most universities and student housing like student housing in Houston and New York require vaccines and booster doses. COVID-19 vaccination is required for all students who visit campus for any purpose. Boosters must be given to students as early as possible based on their eligibility. 

Booster shot requirements vary depending on where your educational institution is located.

Covid-19 symptoms 

Kindly contact your student housing and university officials promptly if you experience signs of sickness such as a headache, coughing, mucus, or respiratory issues, or if you have been infected to COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to move-in day but have not been vaccinated.

In case of help during quarantine

If you reside in University housing and have to quarantine due to COVID-19, specialist University or housing teams will make the necessary preparations to give you advice and humanitarian assistance. Information on how to self-isolate, who else to notify, and how they could help you further; contact the authorities in your vicinity for more details.

If you are going into private student housing, please inquire directly with your homeowner or student housing organization about how they can assist you during your self-isolation duration.


Student housing could be that gateway for students who regard education as a kind of autonomy and those who have sufficient resources to take on the obligations of adulthood. Student housing could come to represent their breathing room, something independent and different from the support institutions that may have previously been in existence for them.

Ref : THSI-26000 / ZD. 23153

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