Home Maintenance – Repairing Home Water Damage

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Repairing Home Water Damage

Home is supposed to be a place where one can be happy and safe from all the worries of the outside world. Sometimes Mother Nature has other plans for us however, and the power of the elements will often find a way to penetrate into the sanctuary of our abodes. When the outside comes in, it can cause damage that needs repairing you can do some jobs your self if its minor damage but extensive problems its always best to have it have professionally repaired lets look a some damage you can repair and when to get a professional  in. You can find a water damage repair company from Santa Cruz USA to London UK  and they should all repair the damage the same skilled way but lets see what you can do your self with a few tools, some determination, and the right know how so you can turn back the clock and undo all of that water damage with relative ease.

Proper Maintenance

The first step in dealing with water damage is to ensure that a general state of disrepair or neglect in your house will not compound the effect. Ensure that your pipes aren’t rusted or leaking, that your walls aren’t bowing and peeling, and that you aren’t having a problem with mold or mildew. These are all signs indicative of minor water damage, and can easily turn a small water damage repair project into a massive one.

Replace and Repair Drywall

Damage to walls is a common issue with water damage, but can easily be remedied. Minor water damage and bowing can be fixed by cutting out the damaged drywall and applying patches with caulking and spackling over fiberglass mesh for structure. Larger damage may require replacement of entire sections of wall by cutting appropriate sized chunks of drywall and attaching it to the wall studs for proper stability. Though this is a commonly outsourced repair job, with some careful measurements and a steady eye it is a simple procedure that will save you loads of money to do yourself.

Removing Unsightly Stains

Water damage can cause large stains on walls and floors that create a dingy feeling that is hard to shake. If the structure is still intact and the damage is purely superficial, then large scale replacements are not only unnecessary but unwise. All that these irritating messes need to be cleared up is a bit of elbow grease and paint cleaner. Use the paint cleaner on the affected area and it should take out the majority of the discoloration. After you have cleaned it and let it dry for a few days, if the stain still remains it should be light enough that you can paint or stain over it to match your walls.

Repairing Wood Damage

While repairing drywall and cleaning stains may be a simple matter of replacement, sometimes water damages wood furniture and artwork that can’t be as easily replaced. When that has happened, it is usually a simple matter of removing and reapplying the finish. If the damage has reached into deeper levels, then you may need to sand down a few levels and refinish, but it should be a simple repair job.

There are many resources, writings, and videos that you can consult to learn any technique for home maintenance. Should the damage be beyond your skill to repair, then you should certainly utilize the expertise of professionals in your area.

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