Home Staging

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Home staging

Home Staging to SELL and for Maximum PROFIT


Home Staging, styling or property presentation, is not just about painting the front door of your house, tidying your lawn and brewing fresh coffee before prospective buyers come round. Buyers will buy the best home at the best price that meets their needs. Professional home staging consultants or ‘house doctors’ can advise on and carry out de-cluttering, repairs, redecoration and dressing of houses ready for viewing and offer a very valuable service. However, if you have creative flair, organisation skills and a commitment to sell your own house then here are some home staging tips on property styling you can do yourself.

Prospective buyers will often look round houses with their eyes peeled to find faults, to find a reason why they should not buy your home, or to be able to offer a lower price. Some buyers know they are doing this, but for many it is subconscious. As a vendor, you need to ensure that you give the potential buyers as little reason as possible for them to find fault. You need to stimulate their senses and help them visualise how they can use the space to suit their own needs. Declutter, and de-personalise! Its also a good time to review your contents insurance to cover breakages when you move home.


You need to create balance and harmony. Don’t be afraid to use some colour – but don’t go overboard! Soft muted shades are best used for home staging. We all get emotionally attached to our homes, but sometimes changes need to be made to enable us to move on. A few hours making simple changes may be all you need, although a thorough home staging project could take anything from a day to a week.

It is often hard to think of spending money on the house you are leaving, but if well thought out you should generally make a return on any investment, shift your house and not miss out on the home you are hoping to buy!

Professional Home Stagers

Professional home stagers offer declutter, house doctor, property presentation and interior design. Home styling and property staging services provide advice for home owners, money saving ideas, space planning, interior design, staging your property for a speedier sale. Get professional help in preparing your home for sale, furniture packs for rental or purchase, and show-home staging by property professionals.

Hire a home staging expert fully trained in making your home perfect for sale. Ideal for those strugling to sell or home owners preparing to put a property on the market.


The House Shop Home Staging services 

We help homeowners save money by selling property online we also provide professional home staging service. This can range from a telephone consultation to home visit and written reports. We can also help you if you are struggling to sell your home with an independent report about your home.


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