Best Tips on Generating Real Estate Leads

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The popularity of digital marketing has spurred fierce competition in real estate marketing. This forces businesses to grasp how clients engage with their properties and adjust their marketing strategies quickly.

Regardless of the direct targeting through digital media, phone calls remain vital for businesses as they drive conversions, especially in the real estate business. However, these calls are no longer just simple conversations. They’re rich data sources.

Call tracking software can give you a strategic advantage if you run a real estate business. For instance, it enables you to refine your marketing approach, elevate lead generation, and always make data-driven choices.

Call tracking for property marketing helps you determine which marketing efforts generate calls and leases. With this information, you can repurpose your budget, ensuring every penny spent pushes leads toward lease signings.

Let’s delve into how call tracking revolutionises real estate lead management and fine-tunes every aspect of your marketing strategies.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking gives you all the tools to crack the code on phone inquiries while helping to dissect the effectiveness of advertising. It can help you learn how each advertising channel performs by pinpointing which ads draw in the most call traffic.

Imagine a company suddenly doubling its orders from the last reporting period. You may wonder what sparked this sales surge. Was it due to turbocharged call centre agents? Or banners adorning city streets? Or perhaps the new targeting guru who nailed it? Without analysing calls and customer journeys, it’s an uphill struggle to comprehend the reason for the spike in call centre conversions, let alone the way to replicate this success down the line.

Therefore, the call tracking system is a compass guiding you to the best advertising routes on various platforms. Customer calls are neatly categorised: who they are, how much money they spent, and where they stumbled upon your advertisement.

How Does Call Tracking Work in Real Estate Marketing?

Call tracking for property marketing unveils the hidden gems in your data, including:

  • Prime calling periods
  • Caller demographics
  • Journey customers take before, during, and after dialling.

This information is priceless because it influences marketing strategies, sales tactics, and customer service enhancements. Real estate experts can customise their methods by using these analytics, emphasising effective strategies and abandoning ineffective ones.


Call tracking in real estate transcends mere number logging, unlocking the secrets to elevated lead generation. Let’s examine call tracking software’s functionality and basic features.

Call Tracking Features

Call Tracking Numbers & DNI

Tracking performance and attributing ROI is pivotal for real estate lead generation. Dynamic number insertion (DNI) can help you manage various marketing moves, like assigning specific numbers to your offline ads, Facebook ads, or paid search on any other property-selling platform.

This way, when the phone rings, you can pinpoint which campaigns bring in the most high-intent leads and drive the most interest.

Call Recording

Answering calls is essential, but it is also about using them for internal soul-searching and training. When a lead slips through your fingers, call recordings will help you figure out where things went wrong. Correspondingly, natural estate agents can analyse call recordings when calls bring (or fail to bring) the desired results and spot which approaches, keywords, or questions did wonders.

Call Routing

As your business strides in real estate, the flood of calls can sometimes be overwhelming. And that’s when call routing comes into play. It routes every inbound call to a particular real estate agent (as you choose to set it), from one representative to the next available one, or even to the voicemail. In real estate marketing, you must maintain a consistent flow of leads; this lead tracking system feature greatly helps.

Call Reporting

How do you know if your efforts are bearing fruit? Granular reporting and analytics are the answer. This feature generates and delivers regular reports packed with essential details: where the leads are coming from, how many calls are answered and missed, their durations, etc. If you routinely review these reports, you will see whether your real estate marketing efforts perform well or require optimisations or improvement.

Therefore, you need reliable call-tracking software to get the most out of your marketing efforts and attract big-pocket clients.

Top 3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Real Estate Marketing

Shortened Sales Cycle

In the real estate business, time is everything, as people don’t tend to buy property that often. Obviously, with a high market offer, prolonged sales cycles usually hinder deal closures. Thus, real estate lead generation companies come in handy. Real estate agents can prioritise these channels by identifying the marketing channels generating qualified leads and ensuring a consistent flow of engaged potential customers.

Moreover, insights learned from call tracking data enable the customisation of follow-up strategies. In the long run, real estate agents will reduce the sales cycle duration and improve the customer experience.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology

Indeed, call-tracking software goes beyond mere tracking; it’s a savvy analyser fueled by machine learning. The latter’s algorithms sift through real-time data to precisely attribute phone calls to the right marketing channel.

Then, a real estate agent can utilise online campaigns like Facebook ads to showcase virtual tours and advertise new property listings. Furthermore, they can craft landing pages to draw in potential buyers. Moreover, a robust social media marketing strategy facilitates connecting with the target audience.

Data Use for Long-Term Success

It’s no secret that being ahead of the game is crucial for real estate agents. Embracing data-driven marketing isn’t just a quick fix; it’s a smart long-haul plan. The call tracking software toolkit, centred around call attribution, lays a solid groundwork for this shift.


Over time, the valuable data gathered from call attribution can help agents amass a treasure trove of insights into their audience’s preferences. Armed with this knowledge, they can fine-tune their marketing strategies to hit the mark, whether crafting compelling real estate web pages, creating irresistible social media ads, or customising social media campaigns.

Сapitalize on Calls and Grow Your Real Estate Business

Responding promptly to real estate leads is no longer an option but a necessity. Have you overlooked a call from a customer interested in finding a new condominium to relocate to? How do you reconnect with them? This blog post underscores the value of call tracking.

Apart from aiding in lead generation, a compelling call tracking system can facilitate prompt responses to real estate inquiries while collecting essential call data, improving buyer and seller engagement, and monitoring the performance of each of your real estate locations.

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