How to Clean a Messy House: House Cleaning Steps for Beginners

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Cleaning a house may seem simple to those who don’t mind doing chores. But if you’re getting started, it may give you some trouble. And it can be even more hectic if you’re dealing with a messy house. It could be a mess created after hosting friends and family over. Or it could be that your house help left on short notice, and you must roll your sleeves. So, “how to clean a messy house” is all ringing in your head.

A clean house is appealing and gives you pride, knowing that you put your best efforts to achieve it. But it doesn’t have to be taxing or cost money when you can work smartly to do it yourself. In this post, we’ll explore ways of cleaning a filthy house and removing the hassle of this taxing chore.

Are you wondering where to start cleaning a messy house? When everything’s out of place, clutter is all over, and every room is filthy, you might find it challenging to manage a lot of time, as cleaning a messy house takes a tremendous amount of time. Before you opt for a  deep cleaning service, you can use the following guide.

Step 1: Planning and preparation


Before you jump right onto the house cleaning chore, please spare a moment to plan how you’ll do it. This phase involves gathering your cleaning supplies and setting the goals to achieve.

Gathering supplies

These are all the cleaning supplies you’re going to use. The basic supplies include:

  • mop
  • broom
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • vacuum cleaner
  • microfiber cloths
  • trash bags.
  • Rubber gloves

Your list can also include specialised tools that you’re going to need for specific tasks.

Set your cleaning goals.

If the mess is too big, don’t force yourself to clean the entire house within a day. Instead, work with realistic goals that you can achieve. For instance, you can start with rooms that are often used, either by your family or guests. These include the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Then, you may proceed to the bedrooms, laundry rooms, patios, and others if you’re feeling energetic. Better yet, you can schedule the other rooms for the next day if they’re too messy.

Create a schedule

What makes house cleaning chore particularly taxing is when it’s done at irregular intervals. Set a schedule that you can stick to without much pressure. It could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. What matters is that you do it with consistency.

Step 2: Choose where to begin

Like with project management, marking your starting point can make all the difference. While others prefer starting with the messiest room, that approach may not work with a beginner. That might leave you too exhausted to proceed to the next mess. So, the best strategy to clean a messy house is to start with the room you’re currently in.

Whether it’s the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen, take it as your starting point and move forward.

Step 3: Declutter

What makes a house messy in most cases is clutter. So, before you embark on your cleaning mission, start by decluttering.

Start small

Start decluttering a manageable section, such as a single drawer or a countertop. Sort stuff into piles and arrange them appropriately. If your starting point is the living room, put back the pillows and cushions onto the seats. Remove toys, magazines, and other items and put them back into their place.

Tackle a room at a go.

When cleaning a filthy house, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when there’s too much mess. You don’t need to worry about the mess in the kitchen when you’re cleaning the living room. Simply tackle a room at a go and gradually proceed to the other rooms while prioritising decluttering.

Step 4: Collect trash and laundry

After decluttering the rooms, everything will start to look more manageable. Before dusting, grab a trash bag and start picking up trash from one room and keep moving to other rooms. To break down the chores further, pick up dirty laundry in each room and pile it in a chair.

After you’re done collecting the trash, take a laundry basket and go into every room to collect the pile of clothes. Keep the basket full of laundry in the laundry room awaiting cleaning.

Step 5: Dust and sweep


Now, at this point, the house is beginning to come back to its original kempt form. You’ll now begin dusting and sweeping.

Dust from the ceiling to the floor

Dust each room, starting from higher surfaces, such as light fixtures and shelves, as you move to lower areas. Microfiber cloth is handy in trapping dust, so use it when dusting surfaces.

Start sweeping or vacuum cleaning.

Clean the dirt off the floor using a broom or vacuum it. Do this diligently while paying attention to hidden areas like baseboards and corners. Do this for the living room, dining room, and bedrooms, ensuring you vacuum overstuffed furniture. Remove the seat cushions and clean the seat and the cushion sides.

If rugs are on the floor, take them out in the open and shake them to release accumulated dust. Once through, vacuum the rugs and take them back in. Proceed with cleaning the windows with a wand on vacuum clean. Clean the glass and the frames of both windows and doors.

Step 6: Cleaning surfaces

The following cleaning phase is cleaning all the surfaces with an appropriate cleaner. This is an important stage in how to clean a messy house as it helps remove grime and sticky dirt. A kitchen cleaner does a great job in cleaning countertops, while a glass cleaner will leave the mirrors and windows sparkling clean.

Wipe down the surfaces around the house, from the living room and dining room to the bedroom. Move from room to room, cleaning the tables, countertops, and appliances while focusing on stains and grime.

Step 7: Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen

If you’ve noticed, from the beginning, we haven’t mentioned anything about cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. These two areas need special attention since germs can be found if not cleaned properly.

An essential dirty house cleaning tip is to clean the bathroom last. As mentioned, you don’t have to clean all the rooms daily. So, let’s assume this is the second day of cleaning.

Cleaning the kitchen

Your first step in cleaning the kitchen is emptying your dishwasher and arranging the clean utensils. Proceed to clean the countertops as you collect any utensils and put them in the dishwasher. Clean the stovetops, backsplash, refrigerator, and every other appliance in your kitchen.

Remember to dust and clean the cabinet handles, doors, and the inside. Next, wash the windows and the frames. Take any throw rug outside, shake it to room dust, vacuum clean it, and take it back. Sweep trash off the floor and then mob it.

Cleaning the bathroom

If you haven’t cleaned regularly, your bathroom may need in-depth cleaning. Start by cleaning the countertops as you put away items. Scrub the surfaces with stains and spray down the tub using a spray cleaner. Use disinfectant to clean the sink, mirrors, and faucets.

Start cleaning the toilet bowl, making sure to scrub the areas with stains using your preferred toilet cleaner. Don’t forget to remove the seat and clean the back side of the toilet.

Sometimes, the bathroom floor can be messy with dried soap foam, so this will need good scrubbing. Deeply scrub the floor, making sure not to leave corners and spots. Mop the floor with a floor cleaner to remove stains and sanitise it.

Finish cleaning the bathroom by wiping the windows, mirrors, and shower curtains. Don’t forget to dispose of the trash in the trash can.

Step 8: Personal touches

By this time, you’ve tackled the more significant chunk of the tasks on how to clean a messy house. With a few personal touches, you’ll make a once-messy house feel like home. Go over each room and look around for anything that needs a personal touch. Put stuff back in their designated spots and arrange décor and furniture to make your space inviting.

Freshen up your living space by opening the windows for fresh air. Keep the atmosphere more inviting with an air freshener or an essential oil. Now, a once taxing chore of cleaning a filthy house is done, and you’re left with a space that your family and visitors would love.

Step 9: Regular cleaning routine

Remember, the key to maintaining the appeal of your house is to do regular cleaning. This will not only give you an easy job when doing deep cleaning but will also keep your space healthy. If you tend to be busy a lot and don’t find the time to clean your house regularly, don’t worry. Clean-Corp can save you from the hassle of cleaning so you can focus more on more important duties.


When getting started with how to clean a messy house, it might feel more overwhelming. But by splitting the chore into simple, manageable steps, you can quickly transform your home into a sanctuary.  The critical thing to remember is to only squeeze part of the process into a single cleaning session. It’s an ongoing process that needs to be done regularly. By being patient and consistent while following these dirty house cleaning tips, you can do it yourself.

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