How To Effectively Fix These 8 Common Bathroom Problems

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Bathrooms come in all types of shapes and sizes. Generally, they comprise the same few key elements. Each of these elements is susceptible to problems. In this article, there will be some tips for how to effectively fix eight of these common bathroom problems. 


  1. Leaking Water 

The most common problem people encounter with their shower units is water leakages. As the water is generally fired down from quite a height, the spread of the water tends to be quite large. If you do not have appropriate sealant around the glass then water will seep through onto the floor. If any tiling around the shower block is not grouted properly then water will also find its way into your walls and cause dampness. You will most likely need to get in a professional to do a leaking shower repair in your bathroom. To make sure that any issues do not come back again, you will want the peace of mind of someone who knows what they are doing. Leaking water is one of the most common bathroom problems but there are simple and effective fixes available. 

  1. Low Water Pressure 

Having a shower unit that fails to put out a decent stream of water is a very common bathroom problem. Whether it is due to the shower unit being old or you live high up in a building, there are many reasons why the water pressure can feel lacklustre. One solution would be to replace your whole shower unit and see if a plumber can fix you up with a better system. This would be an expensive solution but would probably work. A cheaper fix would be to buy a replacement shower head that is specifically designed to increase the pressure output. These work in clever ways by essentially funnelling the water through a smaller space to increase the output pressure. Low water pressure is a common problem in bathrooms but is pretty easy to fix. 


  1. Weak Flush

Although it is very important to not waste water, you want to make sure that your bathroom has a decent flush. If your flush is not capable of pushing down a few bits of toilet paper you will run into problems pretty quickly. More than anything this is pretty annoying as it is essentially the primary function of a toilet. This issue is liked based in the cistern of your toilet, you might be able to take the lid of address the issue yourself. If you are not sure, get in touch with an expert. Weak flushes are a common problem found in many bathrooms. 

  1. Clogged Pipes

If you do not have a strong flush then you are more likely to end up with clogged pipes. You need to make sure that your plumbing is not coming under too much strain and that nothing is getting clogged in your toilet pipes. At best you will just have to unclog it and it might overflow a little. At worst, a pipe could burst under the pressure. An effective fix for this would be to regularly use a drain unblocker and toilet cleaner. This will keep your pipes happy, healthy, and free from any nasty clogs. Clogged pipes happen to almost every bathroom so make sure you stay on top of any issues.


  1. Temperature

One of the most common complaints about the taps in a bathroom is temperature control. If you have a hot tap and cold tap, often the hot tap is way too hot and the cold tap is close to freezing. This can make something as simple as washing your hands a bit of an ordeal. Unfortunately, you cannot easily fix this on your own. To be able to get back some control of the temperature of your taps you will need to hire a plumber to sort it out. It should be possible to refit your tap to a more modern design that blends the hot and cold together. This should not be too expensive but it may take a bit of time. Temperature control on bathroom taps is a very common issue. 

  1. Dripping

Returning to wasting water, leaking taps are an extremely common bathroom problem. You will want to fix this for many reasons, not least because it is literally pouring money down the drain. Normally dripping is just due to the tap not being able to fully close. This can be tightened, often there is a nut underneath the tap handle. More modern systems might be harder to access so you may need professional help. This is a super easy fix but it won’t just go away on its own. Dripping taps are one of the most common bathroom problems. 

7. Sink

Bathroom sinks are susceptible to some of the same problems as showers and toilets. Looking after their drain pipe is just as important. You might think that only water goes down there but if anyone in your household shaves frequently, there may be a build-up of hair in there. Sinks drainage is a common bathroom problem that is easily remedied. 

8. Bath

Many people find they have issues with their baths in their bathrooms. The first thing is that you want to make sure that the overflow hole works effectively. It is very easy to accidentally overfill a bath and the last thing you want is to flood your whole bathroom. Secondly, you need to make sure that all sealants around the edges of the bath are sound and cleaned regularly. Moisture that collects over time will turn into a mould that can be harmful to you. Keeping on top of your bath-related bathroom problems is relatively straightforward. 

Keep Yourself Afloat

Maintain the well-being of your bathroom is really important. Water can so easily cause damage to your home and is so difficult to fix. Fixing damp or structural damage is so expensive that you have to keep on top of your bathroom chores to make sure you stay afloat. Hopefully, this article has helped you identify various common bathroom problems and their effective solutions. 


Ref number: THSI-2392

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