How to Hide Your Little Secrets

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It’s always exciting to have a little secret that only you and/or your nearest and dearest know about. Some people take this concept and apply it to their homes to create some seriously cool spaces that no one else could possibly know existed. Let’s peer through their windows to see some of the lengths people actually go to.


  1. The classic bookcase facade

If you’ve seen any kind of adventure show from James Bond to Indiana Jones to Scooby Doo, when you think of a hidden room you think of a bookcase door, complete with a copy of Moby Dick as the door-handle. The homeowners responsible for the below image have used this method to inexplicably hide away the best bit of the house – a home cinema!

This is a particularly common format for security measures like panic rooms. And we all know how useful they are! Well, anyone who’s seen a certain Jodie Foster movie does (but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it…).


  1. Alcoholic’s Addition

So, you have a basement, and you like a tipple of wine every now and again (and again). There’s only one solution. A hidden spiral staircase that doubles up as a climate controlled wine cellar. Sure, it’s not technically a secret room, what with the glass roof/floor, but that’s nothing a floorboard design couldn’t sort out. Now no one need know of your addiction, ‘ahem’ sorry, wine expertise.


  1. Ashamed of your car?

Time to invest in a secret garage then! This piston powered lift (‘elevator’ for our American friends) will transport your car underground and out of sight. Just don’t leave your keys in there. And I challenge you not to hum the Thunderbirds theme tune every time your car emerges.

Have a look at the action for yourself in the video below:

And this guy has taken it to a whole new level:


  1. Frolicking under the floorboards

We’ve already seen a hole in the floor lead to a fancy wine rack. So, what’s next for floor designs? Well this one features a spiral slide leading into an awesome playroom – ideal for both big and little kids. No idea how you get back up though…


  1. The hidden stairway

This sounds very mystical and mysterious, but in fact it is probably the most practical solution here, making it the most likely to have in your own home. Simply chop out a section of your stairs, put some hinges on the top joint and hey presto! you have a door leading through the stairs and into a hidden lair underneath, aka your cupboard.

Or maybe go one better and embrace technology – simply press a button for the big reveal:


  1. A bit of history

As a kid I remember my imagination exploding when I heard about the amazing secret passageways in old castles, palaces and houses. These examples actually had purposes to them other than a bit of fun, including escaping from death, fooling thieves, practising forbidden rituals and even hiding more sinister acts (I dare you to check out how H.H. Holmes used his secret rooms – this is not for the faint of heart!).

Right. That’s your lot from me. But if you want to find out a little bit more, check out the video below for even more creative solutions. Just wait ‘til you get to the sliding fireplace activated by chess pieces on a board. So awesome.


by Joe Baylis

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