How to move from One House to Another without Stress

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If you are someone that gets easily anxious about all the various events in life, you may find moving to be an extremely stressful experience. Unless you organise in advance and everything is in order when the day arrives, your belongings are finally moved out and brought to your new home. Here are easy solutions to keep you from potential headaches and even migraines.

Number One: Find a Removal Service Company

Trying to save money by handling the move yourself is undoubtedly the worst idea you may have. There are two reasons why. First, it may cost you much more than you call upon professionals. Things can break when you don’t know how to wrap them correctly or position them inside a moving truck. Professionals have the know-how and are insured for anything that could break in worse-case scenarios. And if you know where to search for removal services, it will cost you much less than you imagine.

The second reason why is the management needed, on moving day. If that doesn’t cause stress, nothing else in your life will. Have you rented the right truck size, so you can get it done in a day? Are there enough people to help you out? What should go in first, and what should you bring in the car if it is too fragile? These are but a few of the many questions you will face on moving day. And the answers you come to may not be satisfactory, causing you even more anxiety.

Plan and organise

You don’t suddenly decide to move unless you have to for various reasons. Especially if you need to move a whole house, and so, you should plan so you can check all the boxes until you are 100% certain there is nothing you have left aside in your preparation plan. But no matter how well you went through the process, there will still be a few things in the end that you will need to adapt to. However, this way, at least, it will be manageable. 

First, choose a date. Usually, it will be the day that your rent ends. Then, find the removal company that can fill your need. They will come to your house and calculate the size of the truck needed and the number of people they will have to provide for your move. From the information that they gather, they will make you an offer, including a total cost. If you want, the chosen company can then come and pack everything at a later date, closer to the move. However, if you have planned, it is better to do so yourself, at least for the bulk elements, such as clothes. This way, you will save unnecessary costs. 

The administration is part of the stress of moving from one house to another. You will need to advise all companies you deal with that you will be living elsewhere, starting on a given date. This includes utilities, such as electricity, gas and water, and official organisations, such as the Tax Department and the Driver’s Licence Bureau. Governments often offer the possibility to declare your change of address at one touch point, where it will be communicated to all others. It is worth looking for it, as it will save you lots of time, in the end.

If you don’t inform the gas and light companies, you may find yourself without these utilities on the day of the move and beyond. It would help if you got in touch with them a few days before the big day so that they can confirm that the information was taken into account; and that their service will be on once you arrive at the new address. Tell them you are moving one day earlier to be safe. That will provide you with a safety cushion, and you can even go and check if it is done. However, remember that this won’t be possible if the owner renting the place hasn’t moved out yet.

Ask People to help You move.

Even if you have contracted a moving company to do the work, you should still ask a couple of friends or family to come and help you out on the day of the move. There are always a hundred little things to do, and you don’t want to find yourself, at midnight, still making an ultimate trip. Get at least one more car so that journeys are doubled every time. This should lower the stress and make the day go faster. In the end, you will also have them to celebrate with you. Open a good bottle of red wine and order pizzas. Let the fun of living in your new home start right away.

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