How To Prepare For A Move With A Home Removalist  

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Moving to a new home is an exciting journey filled with fresh beginnings and opportunities. But packing up your life and shifting to a new place can be overwhelming. As such, you may want to bring in the expertise of house removal services.    

A home removal company can help turn what could have been a chaotic and stressful experience into a smooth and organized transition. Preparing for the move is crucial, whether you’re relocating across town or to a different city.   

This guide provides practical tips on preparing for home relocation. Read on to make your move as stress-free as possible!  

Choose The Right Home Removalist  

When it’s time to relocate, choosing the right moving company is crucial. Don’t just pick the first house removals you see in the phone book or online. Instead, ask your friends and family or read online reviews to find reputable home removal services with a history of happy customers. If you’re moving across town, a local house removal who knows the ins and outs of your area could be a lifesaver.

Once you have a few contenders, compare moving quotes, services, and availability. Check if they offer professional packing services and moving supplies or can temporarily store your stuff in short-term storage.   

To ensure a smooth move, be upfront about your needs, whether you’re struggling with a giant grandfather clock or navigating tricky apartment stairs. Remember to get moving quotes from several home removal services—the price difference may surprise you.

Declutter Before Packing 

Don’t let the clutter bog you down when moving to a new home. Before tossing items into boxes, take a deep breath and declutter. It’ll save you time, money, and a massive headache.   

Go through closets, getting rid of clothes you no longer need. Assess electronics, donating or trashing outdated models. Check expiration dates on kitchen and bathroom items, tossing expired goods and duplicate products. Create separate piles for donating, selling, and trashing as you go.  

Decluttering reduces removal costs by demanding fewer boxes and possibly a smaller moving van. More importantly, it allows you to start afresh in your new home without hauling in unnecessary stuff.   

Start Packing Early   

Packing up an entire household is not a small feat, so don’t procrastinate. Start packing as soon as you nail those moving details. Kick things off with the easy stuff: seasonal decorations, random gadgets collecting dust, and books you haven’t cracked in years.  

Label every box clearly with its contents and future room. For example, in the living room, “DVDs and Video Games,” or in the kitchen, “Rarely Used Appliances.” This streamlines the dreaded unpacking process later.  

While at it, invest in some quality packing materials like sturdy plastic bins and plenty of bubble wrap. You’ll thank yourself when that family heirloom vase arrives intact. Skimping on supplies leads to damaged goods and regrets.   

Create An Inventory List   

Moving is chaotic enough without misplacing half your belongings. To stay organized and accountable, create a comprehensive inventory list. As you pack up each room, diligently write down every single item.   

An inventory is a lifesaver if anything goes missing or appears damaged. You’ll have a paper trail for removal insurance claims without racking your brain to remember every minor possession. Quickly locating boxes by category also makes unpacking a breeze.

Build the inventory habit from the start for a smooth move. Invest in a notebook dedicated solely to listing your treasured items room-by-room. You can also get techie and use a notes app.   

Plan For Pets And Plants   

Between packing up the house and coordinating logistics, it’s easy to overlook the needs of your pets and plants. But with some advanced planning, you can keep your furry and chlorophyll-filled companions safe and healthy during the transition.   

For your pet friends, you’ll need to decide if they’ll be travelling with you or if professional pet relocation services are necessary to keep your pet safe during the move. If taking them along, research any requirements, like health certificates, beforehand. You’ll also want to pet-proof your new place before their arrival by checking for any hazards.  

What about your leafy babies? Consult plant hardiness zones to see if the climate at your dwelling is suitable. Prune plants back before the move and keep them well-watered yet underwatered right before travelling to prevent messy spills.  

Prepare An Essentials Box  

As you prepare for your big transition, prepare an essential box. This essential box ensures your must-have items are easily accessible amid the chaos.   

Stash anything you need urgently, including prescriptions, charging cables for devices, non-perishable snacks to fuel you, and a fresh set of clothes for inevitable spills. Also, remember toiletries like your hairbrush, deodorant, and maybe some dry shampoo.  

A mini toolbox with scissors, a knife, and duct tape lets you easily handle loose flaps and stuck lids. Securing essential documents like your ID and new house keys is a no-brainer for easy access. This allows you to avoid hunting for the essentials.   


Preparing for a move with the help of a home removalist can transform what might have been an overwhelming ordeal into an organised and efficient process. From selecting the right removalist to decluttering and packing strategically, every step you take is integral to ensuring a smooth home removal. Remember to start early, keep a detailed inventory, and prioritise your pets’ and plants’ safety and comfort.  

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