How to Sell Your House Faster and for a Good Price

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When selling your house, you want to close the sale as quickly as possible and for top dollar. However, selling a house can be incredibly stressful and challenging, especially if listing it in a buyer’s market. You need to find the right real estate agent to help you with the sales process and make your house market-ready, set the right price, and determine the ideal time to sell.

Without proper preparation, your house can sit on the market for months without attracting any offers, scaring away buyers. This can force you to reduce your home’s asking price below its market value to attract buyers. If your property has recently suffered extensive damage due to floods, fires, or other disasters, hiring experienced public adjusters can help maximise your insurance claim to ensure you get your property in the best condition before putting it on the market. If you’re looking to sell your house soon, here are a few practical ways to help you sell it quickly and for the highest possible price:

1. Choose the Right Time to Sell

The time you sell your house can greatly influence how much you sell it for and how long it will take to close the sale. To sell your house faster and for top dollar, consider selling in a seller’s market, like the spring season makes a great time to sell your house since most people prefer moving during the warmer months when the children are out of school. Although seasonal trends vary significantly by market, there are other factors to consider when determining the right time to sell your home.

For instance, consider selling when you have enough equity in your home to help you clear your current mortgage, the home sales expenses, and the moving costs. Otherwise, you may have to cover these costs out of your pocket. This is crucial since selling your house when you don’t have sufficient home equity to offset closing and moving costs can significantly reduce the profits from your home sale.

2. Set the right price

Setting the right price for your home is crucial in attracting prospective buyers to ensure you sell quickly. That’s because overpricing your house increases the risk of your home taking longer to sell, makes it difficult for prospects to discover your listing, and could force you to reduce the price below its market value. Continually reducing your home’s listing price can make potential buyers think there’s something wrong with your house or you have unrealistic expectations. This can significantly limit your negotiating power when selling your house since buyers will want a discounted price.

Additionally, most home buyers search for properties using a price range, meaning that overpricing your home will only make it harder to be discovered. Also, taking longer to sell your home can lead to hefty expenses, especially when you want to move within a short time frame. Take the time to conduct extensive market research to help you determine the right price for your home before putting it on the market. An excellent place to start when calculating the value of your home is checking the listing prices of recent comparable home sales and utilising online home value tools.

3. Determine The Home Sale Method To Use

Besides the traditional home sales process, there are other methods you can employ when selling your house to maximise your profit margins. For instance, you may consider selling your home on your own as a for-sale-by-owner or FSBO. Using the FSBO method means handling the entire sales process without a real estate agent, which can help you save on the listing real estate agent’s fees.

However, you should be prepared to make all the necessary renovations and stage your home to make your home more appealing to potential buyers during showings. You should also hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos and videos that help showcase the best features of your house to potential buyers.

Alternatively, you can sell your house directly to an iBuyer for a competitive, all-cash offer. An iBuyer will help you close the sale quickly since they make an offer on your home immediately and initiate the sales process as soon as you accept the offer. They also cover the costs of finding a buyer, and you don’t pay any agent commissions, saving you thousands of dollars after closing the sale.

4. Consider Making the Necessary Renovations

Your house needs to be move-in ready before you put it on the market. Renovating your house is a great way to maximise its value and attract as many buyers as possible when you decide to sell. However, not all renovations you complete will recoup your investment when you sell your house. To a large extent, the impact of a home improvement project will depend on the market you’re in and the current value of your home.

For instance, a kitchen or bathroom remodel often gives a higher return on investment for inexpensive homes. On the other hand, installing hardwood floors or a swimming pool adds significant value to expensive homes. However, consider completing the necessary renovations and repairs to maximise your property’s value without breaking the bank. That means making home upgrades that appeal to potential buyers, like upgrading your kitchen appliances, installing energy-efficient windows, and adding a new coat of paint.


Selling your home quickly and for the highest price possible takes proper planning, strategy, and execution. Following the tips outlined above will help you enhance your home’s curb appeal, maximise its value, and help you sell it faster and for top dollar.

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