Lighting Ideas That Will Give Your House A Touch of Opulence

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If you are looking to make a luxurious and opulent impression in your home then one of the best ways in which you can do just that is to use a variety of lighting options. If you conjure up images of opulent mansions, luxurious hotels and lavish restaurants, you begin to understand that it is the way in which they use the lighting which adds to the overall palatial feeling of the place. 

It is not just the lights and the fitting themselves which contribute towards a luxury style, it is the way in which the shades and the direction of the lights can bring out other features of the property. Depending on which room you are looking to decorate, there are some great lighting options which you can use that can easily convert your room into one which has a touch of opulence, let’s take a look at some ideas which you could consider.

Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is slightly different space from the rest of the property, with regards to the types of lighting which you could consider. In the bathroom, it is best to look at combining lighting options so that you can have flexibility depending on how you will be using the space, and to offer that luxurious sanctuary which so many are trying to achieve. For example in conjunction with a main, ceiling hugging light, you can look to carefully place spotlights which will highlight different aspects of the bathroom, a piece of art or the bathtub for example. Furthermore, a lighted mirror from Clearlight Designs could be the perfect piece to give your bathroom a glitzy make over which offer style and class.

Use of Glass

A common theme amongst properties which have that opulence is the use of glass in the lighting pieces themselves. Hanging glass such as the likes that we see in chandeliers is, of course, a very common option for living rooms, dining spaces and even hallways in the home. Cut glass or crystal offers many different angles from which the light is reflected and that is what helps to create such a high-quality look in the home. Another great use of glass is those lighting pieces which have tree-like designs, with bulbs jutting out of the end of each spur. This offers a modern, futuristic style and will contribute to the level of luxury in a property which is designed with the same style.

Bedroom Warmth

 The lighting options in each room should reflect the mood of the room itself, this is why we talk about bathrooms requiring a mixture of options. The bedroom should have warm, subtle lighting options which reflect the multi-functional nature of the space. Dropped lighting options for the evening such as coved lighting in the walls and lighting without an abundance of detail is what will really bring about a quieter, more relaxed mood in this space. Dimmed lighting is a must in a bedroom, as it gives multiple options for brightness depending on what space is being used for.

Filling Spaces

If you have large ceiling space in the foyer or in another room, then don’t just focus on making sure that lights are bright enough to fill the space, you should also be looking to fill the space with the lighting fixture itself. For example, a large spherical pendulum light could look incredible in a hallway with a large ceiling, or above the staircase. This is an impactful and a truly opulent choice which will set the tone for the rest of the property.

Types of Finish

 With regards to the types of finish which you should focus on for luxury, think gold leaf, fine crystal and high quality cut glass. Size is very much key here and in the main spaces of the home, you should look at going as big as possible. Don’t be afraid to try something original here either, the essence of luxury is uniqueness.

 No matter what your budget is there are options which you can look into which will deliver the touch of opulence which you are looking for, without breaking the bank.



Ref number: THSI-2040

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