Mayor of London Accessible Housing Policies

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The Mayor of London has laid down clear directives to ensure that new homes built in London should allocate 10% of its stock to accessible housing.  Builders who then promote these homes should include this fact in their marketing. The House Shop works with numerous builders and media companies helping promote these homes in the UK

Wheelchair accessible homes should be identified in the marketing arrangements to ensure that not only wheelchair users but the many older people who benefit from the flexible and adaptable homes created, are aware of these particular properties. Some boroughs ask for properties to be specifically marketed in the disability press and on accessible property web sites as well as in mainstream advertising.’

(See page 190 of the Housing SPG which can be downloaded from the GLA web site at

The London Plan which promotes accessible housing – Policy 3.8 Housing Choice requires all new homes in London to be built to Lifetime Home Standards and 10% to be wheelchair accessible or designed to be easily adaptable for residents who are wheelchair users. You can download the London Plan from our web site at More information on how boroughs, designers and developers can meet and implement these accessible housing standards is given in Annex 2 of the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance.


The quality and design standards in the Housing SPG are based on the London Housing Design Guide (see which incorporated the Lifetime Home standards and references the GLA’s Best Practice Advice on Wheelchair accessible housing, see


The Mayor’s housing strategy also includes policies to promote accessible housing see


London has also undertaken work to promote the development by the 33 London Boroughs of Accessible Housing Registers – see


London Plan Team
Greater London Authority

Author : Nick Marr



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