Moving House & Broadband

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When people move houses, a lot of things change. Some things have to come with you and some you have to leave behind. Sorting the things that would be brought with you or left behind is much easier than deciding on a broadband deal.

When you decide to move houses, broadband companies doesn’t really have a lot of options for you. Let’s take for example the company Virgin Media, given that you are still under contract with them, you will be given two alternatives. One is to take the original package with you; and second is to pay £110 to disconnect it completely.

This kind of situation is very distressing but given the two options that you have and considering the fact that your contract with them has not ended yet, it would cheaper and would give you lesser hassles if you stick with the same service provider. Sad thing is some service providers may insist on restarting your contract when you move. This would oblige you to stay with them for a much longer period of time or pay them to disconnect it.

In the case of Virgin Media, since it doesn’t serve everywhere, try to ask them if they can supply service in the area where you will be moving, if not, then it leaves you no other choice but to pay the disconnection charge.

If you’re getting a broadband deal, try to know the service providers that would be able to cater your need in your area. Try using the Ofcom accredited Broadband Calculator to learn about the available services and compare them.

Aside from that, try to inform your current service provider about your decisions to move ahead of time. For Virgin Media, they usually ask at least a month’s notice. Always make sure that you are communicating with the right department and the right people as clearly as possible. Give them sufficient information about your plans like the date when you will be moving or the place where you will be moving.

You can ask them for advice on what you should do but you must also try checking out other deals from other service providers. Try to choose the broadband deal that suits your needs and wants best.

So, whether you are going to continue with your current deal or not, try asking yourself if you’re happy with your current provider or if you’re satisfied with the speed they provide? Is your service provider giving you the best value deal? What are the costs that you will have to pay, like cancellation costs or costs of moving it to your new location or costs of switching to new providers? Try to consider these factors.

The next time you acquire this service, you might as well look more convenient and flexible contracts like short terms contracts. These contracts allow you to move and decide freely. One example is the “Wireless Flexi” from AOL . You can have their service disconnected after a month without having to pay any penalties or disconnection charges. Aside from “Wireless Flexi”, “Be” also gives you a very good broadband deal. They offer a three month period unlimited downloads with up to 24Mb speed.

Also another good idea to help ease the paid as you are waiting a good idea is to get a nice cheap mobile broadband dongle to see you though until the home set up is complete. These are just around £15 pay as you go and pretty fast now enough to get you back online for the time being.

These advices are just some practical advice which you can follow. When it comes to broadband deals, make sure to choose wisely!

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