Surefire way to save money with Bus and Tube Fares in London

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Save Money Fares

Saving money on travel and on tube and bus fares when using London transport is something every Londoner should be interested in. 


I have been helping thousands of buyers and sellers in the UK housing market save money since 2000. For too long consumers appear to accept the status-quo and pay unnecessary fees. Our buyers save money on homes that do not factor in an estate agents commission and sellers save money by selling homes directly using our marketing services. I love to find new ways to reduce the bills and I can recommend two new services that will save you money using London Transport


Two important way to save on fares


Fares are always on the up it seems often beating inflation and helping keep the traveling public losing out. Traveling for those that use London Transport is a necessary its the only way to get to work.There is little choice and as consumers we are subject to a monopoly.


Traveling around the capital and its suburbs helps keep the economy flowing and workers working. Its so important that I think we should consider subsiding fares from central government.


Tube and Bus Fare Increases




On Sunday 19 January2014 new fares were introduced across our network. 

On average, fares increased by 2.7 percent. This will help protect current levels of reinvestment in the transport network, delivering greater capacity and more reliable services.

Fare changes are rounded to the nearest 5por 10p and some fares have increased by more or less than 2.7 per cent,with some remaining unchanged.


TFL explain that money raised from fares is put back into infrastructure.

Key improvements to be delivered over the next ten years include:

The Northern line extension to Battersea via Nine Elms

The next phase of Tube investment plan withu pgrades to the Piccadilly, Central and Bakerloo lines and Victoria, Tottenham Court Road and Elephant and Castle stations

Introduction of five car trains on London Overground by 2016, increasing capacity by 25 per cent, and electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking line

An additional 1,700 hybrid buses, including600 of the cleaner and greener New Bus for London

Four additional trams on south London‘s Tramlink network


Customer Charter refunds


 Transport for London

Using the customer charter will make traveling cheaper; all London tube lines are subject to delay. I know I uset he Metropolitan Line everyday!

If your train is delayed by more than 15minutes, for reasons within TFL control. They promise to give you a voucher matching what you paid for the single delayed journey. This does not apply to:


If the delay is beyond their control such as security alerts, third party action or bad weather

For service changes advertised in advance more here about customer charter refunds


Claiming made easy is an independent service, identifying and submitting refund applications for delayed tube journeys for Oyster cardholders.

Within the two week claim limit set by Transport for London, using bespoke technology will check all your journeys and identify those that qualify for a refund, process the information required,finally submitting each one on your behalf.

You will receive an email each time a claim is made.

ClaimMyRefund’s goal is to provide a ‘while you sleep’ delayed journey refund claim service to all Oyster cardholders.  Its a great little service that I use and it takes the hassle out of making a claim. You are almost guaranteed to make savings


Started by Devin Smith, a Software Developer working in London. He explains


I’ve endured hours of delays on London Underground and the DLR and then had the added frustration of more time wasted filling in laborious forms, time and again.

This compelled me to create some software that retrieves all the details from my Oyster Online account and automatically submits the refund for me.



Annual Oyster Cards Huge Savings with Commuter Club


13% cheaper than monthly cards and 23%cheaper than weekly cards annual season tickets are the savvy way to travel.The downside is the upfront cost however there is a way to get over this with


Pay for the first month of travel upfront only (at the same price as a Monthly) and commuter club will order and pay in full for an Oystercard on your behalf. Pay for your Annual in 10 further monthly Direct Debits. Travel for free on the 12th month.


Please pass on these tips to help others to save money and remember when it comes to buying and selling a home The House Shop helps both buyers and sellers save money!


 Author :
Nick Marr



Join me @nickcmarr


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