The Artist’s Home

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Different than the majority of homes, the artists’ house has many specific needs to meet; primarily space, light and inspiration. So brace yourself to witness the regaling recount of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen become the perfect studio.



This space is vitally important for the artist. Brushes will be washed in that sink, cups and plates filled with god knows what’s and used as make shift palettes will be scrubbed. For the sculptor the windowsill will become home to various mini-projects now abandoned and probably ashamed of. The table is not for eating – it is for bits of work to dry. And the surfaces, well let’s say in the swing of a creative tornado – no washing up is going to be done, and the rubbish will not be getting emptied until the wave has passed and they re-emerge from their rooms.


The Living Room

Never underestimate how much can fit into a room. A large table space is a definite must for the artist. It is nice to sometimes be sociable with the other house mates so you need somewhere for you all to work – do not forget the floor is a handy place for this also (when it comes to moving out your carpet will be an entirely different colour.) Also the various art work of your housemates will become the décor – it will be mismatched eclectic, cosy and more than anything personal – it does make it feel like a home. Though be warned in the artists living room you have no idea what you might come across – there are no limits!

grafiti face

“Walls are a canvas for Fine Artist” Bee Gifford (


The Bedroom

The prime studio space. This is the land time forgot, to the artist. They will sit scrunched up at the desk till whatever time, they do not worry about cleaning up, they just wade through all the stuff, sleep on the bed if they can find it, then awake to continue. Books, sheets, pads and materials will line every surface space available. The walls are there prime gallery and I guarantee somewhere in that room lays a container of some murky looking liquid! Cans of coke and sandwich wrappers from the Tesco meal deal are an essential object completing every artist’s bedroom/studio/cave.

cat sketch

The artwork of Jessie Whitehead, 22, Norwich

– Jessie relies on large desks in her room to produce her illustrations

The artist’s house to some appears as simply a question mark, something to never be grasped. But for the creative it is their dwelling place and the location in which their minds tinker and create and produce some of the most brilliant pieces our society gets to enjoy today. The artist’s home is a very important place full of wonderful and wacky tit-bits. It is a place I love to be.



by Lauren Knight

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