The Benefits of Using a House Clearance Company

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House clearance companies ensure that properties are cleaned, and all items are disposed of, donated, or resold. Many people believe they can carry out a house clearance by themselves. However, it is not the same as a simple spring clean. Hiring a professional house-clearance company will ensure the property is ready for the new owner.

We’ve covered the benefits you should know when using a house-clearance company. We’ve also gathered some handy tips for choosing which company is right for you.


Some people try to keep costs down by carrying out a house clearance. However, this has many issues, such as a higher risk of injury, especially when dealing with a complete property clearance. Hiring a professional house clearance company can alleviate the stress, thanks to the many advantages.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Time-efficient

Clearance companies are extremely time-efficient due to their extensive training. Thanks to years of expertise, they can identify issues and develop solutions to prevent delays. Using commercial equipment means that they will carry out the job quickly.

The company will judge the size of the job depending on the volume of items and the size of the property itself. This allows them to determine how many team members will be needed for the job. They also can advise on what size vehicle will be needed and whether skip hire is recommended.

If there is any hazardous waste, the company can advise on the best ways to dispose of this if they cannot take it. Some companies have connections with charities and auction houses, meaning they can arrange for goods to be donated or resold.

  1. Cost-effective

House clearance companies are often cost-effective compared to doing the job yourself. This is because they will provide all the equipment, storage and transport required for your needs and requirements. Some companies may also identify items of value and offer to resell them. They will then deduct the profit from the sale from the quoted price. This can help to reduce the overall clearance cost.

Some companies may conduct a survey or inspection to determine the scope of the clearance. This allows them to offer a tailored quote that meets your budget and criteria. If you try to do the job yourself, you will find that you will have to pay for vehicle use and skip hire, among other elements.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Licensed clearance companies must follow regulations that minimise the waste sent to landfill. These rules are laid out by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and Environment Agency. They will ensure that any goods not being donated or resold are taken to the appropriate recycling centres. This reduces the amount of pollution and ensures that goods are disposed of correctly and responsibly.

Using a clearance company also reduces the risk of fly-tipping. Companies that have Public Liability insurance will ensure that any injuries or damage claims are covered.

  1. No Emotional Struggle

Clearance companies are often hired in upsetting circumstances such as bereavement or probate. This can be a distressing time for the parties involved. Having a team of professionals means that the emotional toll will be lessened. It also allows you to focus on other arrangements if need be.

In these scenarios, clearance companies will conduct themselves with sensitivity and respect. They work closely with the next of kin to determine items of sentimental value. All belongings that are removed from the property have been approved before the clearance day. This helps to prevent any stress or potential conflict.

  1. Safer Option

House clearance companies are a safer option, especially if you have many large, heavy items such as white goods and furniture. Some of the risks involved with house clearance include hazardous chemicals and fragile items. However, clearance companies use commercial equipment and utilise the appropriate methods. This means they can lift heavy items without the risk of injury.

The team can load and unload items onto the vehicle or skip. They will then ensure that those goods are disposed of accordingly.


You can follow certain tips and tricks to ensure that you pick the right company for your needs and requirements. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Recommendations

Asking friends and family means you can hear first-hand accounts from customers who have used a specific company. You can also read online reviews to see whether the company will offer your needed service.

Comparison sites such as Compare My Move can connect you with house clearance companies in your area. You can compare quotes and save money on your clearance fees.

  1. Licenses

One of the most essential details to research is the licenses and credentials that the company has. House clearance companies do not need to carry a Waste Carriers License from the Environmental Agency. However, choosing a company with one means you can be assured that the belongings will be disposed of correctly. This helps to minimise fly-tipping and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Public Liability insurance means you can be assured that the company is covered if any damage happens.

  1. Services on offer

If you require other services on top of clearance, such as removals, choosing a company that offers every service you need could be beneficial. This means you don’t have to worry about maintaining communication with multiple companies simultaneously.

Using one company for several services will result in a seamless process. For example, a storage and clearance company can remove belongings using professional equipment. They can then take the selected goods to storage and the remaining goods to the recycling centres.

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