The Ultimate DIY Guide to Moving

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Need to move house and feel like you’re all alone? Not to worry because you aren’t. According to the survey, about 12% of Americans move house in any given year.

Moving house can be exciting or extremely dreadful. It depends on how you approach it. There are several costs that come with moving house. One of them is the cost of hiring professional house movers like American Van Lines.

With all the stress and the things that could go wrong when moving, it is a great idea to hire professional movers as they can help provide you with extras to make your home moving as stress-free as possible. If you can’t afford professional movers or you want to save the few hundred dollars it would cost to hire movers, here’s a step-by-step guide with tips.

It begins with planning

When it comes to moving, preparation is key. Make a week-by-week plan of what you intend to do and when. You need to be realistic about your timelines so you don’t stress yourself too much.

If you assume that it won’t take much to move, then you will find that you won’t be ready to move by your proposed moving day. The disadvantage of not hiring professional movers like Ad Movers is that you will be doing everything yourself, both the large tasks and the small ones.

Stock up on boxes

As soon as you’ve confirmed that you are moving, you need to start collecting boxes. It could help you save extra money if you don’t have to buy crates. A good source of free boxes is local supermarkets.

Ask them about giving you any unused boxes. You can also ask family and friends to keep their boxes for you. Also remember to start buying tapes, bubble wrap, and tissue paper to wrap your fragile belongings.

Start packing early

As soon as you have enough materials for packing, then start the process. Pack one room at a time starting from the least used rooms and the least used items. Remember what we said about starting the process and give yourself a few weeks to pack completely. You don’t want to remember a few items you forgot to pack on moving day. Reduce the items you need to move by getting rid of junk and items that you haven’t needed in six months either through a garage sale or giving it away.

That way you don’t end up with a lot of junk in your new home. Remember to label every single box so that the unpacking will be easier when you arrive at your new home.

Create a map

diy moving 2

If you can draft a rough map of your new home, it will help with the planning. You can decide what goes where and even label it as such. This will make your unpacking easier since you already know exactly where to put things down.

Try as much as possible to take precise measurements as it also means that you won’t have to carry heavy items around when you get to your new home. Even if you decide to use the services of professional movers, the map and measurements will be great for directing them.

Rent your van and equipment

Get the right van and equipment to move your stuff. Be sure to get quotes from different companies to compare and get the best deal. Remember to confirm that the van is big enough to transport all your furniture and don’t forget to rent equipment that can assist you to move heavier items like your fridge.

Don’t use equipment unless you know how to use them to avoid injury to yourself and spoiling your furniture due to the move.

Remember to keep it safe and social

Don’t just assume that because you are fit and strong that moving a whole house will be easy. Ask for help as much as you need from friends, neighbours, and family. A daily visit to the gym does not equal moving your sofa down a flight of stairs. Always choose the safer option when moving things to avoid injuries.

Make your family and friends glad to help you by throwing a moving party or cooking a barbeque and inviting them as a way to enlist their help or as a way to thank them after the fact.

Hire a professional moving crew

Well, this is still the best way to move. This is a one-step tip where you DIY your moving by searching for and hiring the most professional service you can think of, together with fun add-ons like maid service, a handyman service that will make your moving completely stress-free.

Did you know that professional movers come with insurance coverage for property damage? If you have to, save till you get the required few hundred dollars so you can move and enjoy all the excitement of having a new home, with none of the stress and body aches that doing it yourself can bring. Learn more[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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