What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Lane Recliner?

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Recliners have become one of the most demandable home furniture in the US, and one of the most popular companies that build the best recliners is Lane home furnishing. 

Lane home furnishing is a company that Lane Cooper and his wife started in 1994 as an alternative to La-Z-Boy. Before the advent of Lane home furnishing, La-Z-Boy was the most popular company that made recliners.

Still, unfortunately, the prices of the recliners were high, which gave Lane Cooper and his wife an idea that they could build recliners better than La-Z-Boy and at a much cheaper rate. 

So you can understand that a couple owns this company, and all the recliners made in this company are purely handmade. And who can know the level of comfort that people desire better than a family! 

As of today’s date, every design of Lane Recliners is designed by Lane Cooper’s wife. The entire process of building a recliner happens with great care, and everything from designing the chair to the stitching of the fabric is handmade. 

Right now, Lane Recliners are the most famous recliner chairs in the entire US, and people rely on this company because of their highly reliable and good-quality recliner chairs.

This article will share a few things that you must know before you buy a Lane recliner. We will be adding everything ranging from their recliners’ features and what you should look for when you purchase from this brand.

Things to Know About Lane Recliners

What do you want in a recliner? What is the first thing that you look for in a recliner when you go on a quest for the best recliner in the market? Good fabric, comfortable seat, footrest, appropriate size, aesthetics, or maybe some advanced features, etc.

Well, whatever you want in your recliner, you can find all of that in the recliners made by Lane home furnishings. You can find various types of Lane recliners in the market, but one of the best of this brand is Lane Furniture. 

It is considered one of the best designs of plane recliners, and you can go through Lane power recliner reviews if you want. So now, let’s start with what you must look at or know before buying a Lane recliner. 


Lane Recliners are extremely popular for their soft and durable fabrics. Often with a lousy fabric, cleaning the stains from the recliner can become extremely difficult.

But as we said, all the Lane Recliners are designed by the lady of the Lane Home Furnishings who knows the exact hassle that women have to face while cleaning the stains. 

Therefore all the fabrics that are used for creating recliners are highly durable and of high quality. Lane recliners are available in various materials ranging from leather, suede, velvet, Corduroy, etc.

In short, you get a wide variety of luxurious and splendid fabric choices in Lane Recliners. You may also find a few recliners with cotton or mixed silk fabric to give the recliner a plush comfort and texture.


When it comes to the mechanism and the incorporation of advanced features, Lane recliners are the best choice in the market.  

Lane recliners come with adjustable tensions that allow you to find the perfect amount of tension you want in your recliner. 

In addition, all the recliners come with a regulator that you can use to set the recliner as per your preferences. With the help of that knob or regulator, you can adjust the seat of the recliner or the footrest conveniently. 

Other than these advanced features, Lane recliners have the best and soft cushions, along with the relaxing vibration machine that adds another feather in its glory. 

Anti-Sway Feature

Although most brands provide Anti-Sway features in their Recliners, Lane recliners are known to have the best ones. 

Lane recliners come with top-notch swivel and anti-sway features that offer you the comfort of swinging in all directions but not having a loose back and forth motion. 

Lane recliners are the perfect combination of comfort and unique mechanisms. You can have an ideal experience of resting comfortably on the recliner’s strong base and does not sway much. 


Many people think that buying a recliner does not come with a warranty, and if it does, it would be just for a year or two. 

But, the best thing about Lane Home Furnishings and the thing that will make you jump from your seat right now is that you get a ten-year warranty with it when you buy a lane recliner. 

The warranty covers any manufacturing defect, but it does not cover wear and tear with time. So if the vibrating machine does not work correctly or the regulator used for the machine does not work, you can use the warranty period.

 Although the best part of the recliners made by the Lane company is that they are highly durable, and the recliners do not get damaged any time soon. 

Comfort Level

The other reason for the popularity of Lane Recliners in the market is the comfort level. You can curl up in the recliner and have a quick nap. 

As soon as you straighten up your body on Lane Recliners, it’s like you have just found heaven. Lane recliners have the comfiest design, and they come with a removable headrest to adjust the recliner as per your preference and size.

All the recliners designed by this brand are made, keeping all the requirements in mind. These recliners not Just provide you comfort but also add to the luxury of your home decor. 

Final Say 

Lane recliners have been providing a high level of comfort to the people for several years, and believe us; this is the most trustworthy company providing the best recliners in the market. 

If you want a combination of comfort and style for your home, you can buy Lane recliners without any second doubt. The recliners of this company are not only of good quality, but they are also highly affordable. 

We believe that all of the things discussed in this article are good enough for you to know the exact pleasure that the lane recliners offer to their buyers. 



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