Which Washing Machines Are Most Often Repaired?  

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Today, the range of household appliances from various manufacturers is so huge that choosing a washing machine becomes a real challenge. Shop assistants eloquently talk about the benefits of any washing machine they like, which only complicates selecting the appliance. To help you avoid buying a pig in a poke, we will tell you which washing machines break down more often during the operation. The information below is based on customer reviews and opinions of specialists involved in appliance repair in Toronto. So, here is the top of the most low-quality washing machine models:

1)   Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW

The rating is opened by the Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW washing machine. At first glance, it seems to be the ideal quality-to-money machine. The model is relatively inexpensive, but it has rather good characteristics:

  • capacious drum, which can easily fit up to 6 kg of laundry;
  • high energy saving class A+;
  • spin with a maximum speed of up to 1000 rpm;
  • numerous special programs and add-ons, thanks to which you can wash anything with high quality.

However, having delved into the analysis of the model, it becomes clear that there are fewer advantages than disadvantages. To begin with, the Electrolux EWT 0862 TDW rinses out clothing very severely. While wringing out the laundry, the machine starts to jump and move around the room, making loud noises. An increased noise level is typical for verticals, so when purchasing a machine with this load, you should prepare for this. Such “dancing” washing machines are more likely to be repaired. During vibrations and “moving” around the room, the counterweights of the washer and dampers fail. Besides, strong vibration can provoke other, more severe problems in the system.

2)   Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 7103 B

The only machine from this manufacturer that raises many questions is the Hotpoint-Ariston WMSD 7103 B. The model is produced in the Russian city of Lipetsk and has nothing to do with the best Italian quality. The washing machine has become Russified, and this dramatically affects its quality. Do not think that washing equipment, formally listed as Italian, is less likely to fail. Lipetsk equipment breaks down with enviable frequency. Of the advantages, the owners revealed only a stylish case design, a large hatch door, convenience for loading laundry, and an impressive number of various add-ons. With these features, the list of advantages will come to an end.

The washing machine will require much effort and money for unexpected repairs. The model is equipped with a non-separable tank, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of repair work. If the bearings or the seal fail, you will have to completely replace the tank, the cost of which will be more than 50% of the price of a new washing machine. Most Ariston brand automatic machines have similar design features, so it’s better to consider the pros and cons before buying them.

3)   Gorenje W98Z25I

Quite often, professional repairmen complain about washing machines from a Slovenian manufacturer. The Gorenje W98Z25I model collected the most negative reviews. Compared to the previously listed automatic machines, this one works almost silently. The chic functionality and reasonable cost make you “fall in love” with the washing machine at first sight. However, during the operation, all the shortcomings of the model will become clear:

  • frequent system malfunctions;
  • constantly breaking bearings;
  • weak plastic case;
  • inefficient rinsing and spinning of linen;
  • too “smart” automatic balancing system. The machine searches for the optimal arrangement of the laundry in the drum for a very long time.


4)   Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA

The ZWI 71201 WA washing machine can be considered a bright representative of the brand, which is the most frequently out of order. The machine has many advantages:

  • almost silent operation during washing and spinning;
  • a capacious drum;
  • increased efficiency in terms of water and electricity consumption;
  • intelligent system control, etc.


According to users who run most of the programs provided in the machine, the control module often fails. The machine starts washing at its discretion, not focusing on the parameters set by the user.

The machine repair will be challenging due to its one-piece tank construction. It is impossible to disassemble such a drum. Therefore, the machine must be changed entirely if its internal elements fail.

Regardless of the brand, and washing machine can fail in less than a few years. Several factors can contribute to this — improper operation and technical defects. Read the customer reviews before selecting a particular machine and enjoy your purchase.


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