Which Water heater is right for you?

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Hot water is as essential as electricity in the modern home. It is also something that most people take for granted until it’s not there. This is despite the fact there are still plenty of Australians who don’t even have access to clean water.

Of course system failure is not the only reason you may wish to replace your water heater. Environmental concerns and the cost of energy can also play a part. Modern water heaters are far more efficient and cost less to run than their older counterparts. The average water heater accounts for 25% of your energy consumption.

If you’re looking to find the best hot water systems then you need to speak to a professional and consider these points:

The Type

Most people opt for a tank less water heater. This is a heater that heats the water as you need it; there is no energy wasted heating and keeping a tank of water warm.

This type of system should last for approximately 20 years. But, although it has a lower running cost it will cost you more to buy and install.

The alternative is to use a storage heater. This is where a tank of water is heated and kept warm. Hot water comes off the top while cold water goes in the bottom and gets heated.

This type of system is great if you have a high water usage and often have multiple demands on your water. But, once the tank is emptied you’ll have to wait for it to reheat before you can get more hot water. It is cheaper to buy and lasts approximately 15 years. There is also the option of buying one of the new models that rely on electric supply.


Gas Heating

Gas systems also remain popular due to the abundant access to gas throughout the country, the main other reason is the heat output of gas powered systems too, they produce far more heat in terms of BTU’s. For this reason, they are especially favoured in places with colder climates and severe winters. There are many gas water heating systems that are efficient and reliable, it’s mainly about choosing one that meets the latest efficiency criteria

Solar Options

A more modern option is to use solar panels to heat the water. This water can be contained in a tank or it can pass through the solar connector heating it as it goes. Of course you’ll need to consider a backup hot water source or energy for your heart on the cloudy days.

Indirect Heating

Another type of water heater is the indirect option. This is when the water is heated behind another appliance such as a fire or stove. This could make it difficult to generate hot water in the warmer months when you don’t want to run the fire.

You can also do this via a furnace which can be controlled to turn on and off as per your needs. It can even use a thermostat to turn itself on and off.

Choosing The Right One

You’ll need to consider which type of water heater your budget can stretch to and your current needs. For example if you and your partner take separate showers at the same time a direct or tank less water heater may not be a good option. Of course you can buy 2 tank less water heaters but this is considerably more expensive.

As well as your usage you may wish to consider the impact on your energy bills and the environment. You can then choose the right water heater for you and your household. It doesn’t have to be the same one as your best friend!

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