White and green kitchen – an original combination

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The unique property of colours and their shades to influence a person’s mood and well-being is widely used in the design of any environment. A warm, clean and comfortable interior is the dream of every housewife. You can make such a kitchen space with the help of a harmonious white-green combination. Attractive in itself, and in combination with green, it becomes original and peaceful. If you are into these shades, do not use other colours in your kitchen that will not attract you after some time. Choose your most suitable colours for the furniture, so you don’t need a house clearance service quickly.

White is elegant always and everywhere. In our minds, it is associated with the colour of purity and impeccable perfection. It will not interfere in the kitchen, where cleanliness is a prerequisite for comfort and the safety of family nutrition.

Green is associated with the colour of leaves and grass, peace and stability. This is an intense colour that has excellent potential despite its calming effect. But some shades, such as swamp and olive, can look boring without bright accents.

Black and emerald furniture contrasts with the light environment and becomes the centre of the kitchen interior. However, any black-and-white room will be pretty aggressive, so compositions of this type are most often used in small doses.

Walls, wallpaper with an inconspicuous pattern, ceiling, lamps, textiles, a dining area, a platform along the desktop – all this.

It looks original and fresh against the background of green walls. As a rule, the leading tone is light pistachio. More saturated and dark solutions are acceptable only in large bright rooms and only on a limited part of the wall.

White is widely used in any furniture design style: it looks elegant and festive in open rococo details, strictly and precisely -. It perfectly emphasises the functionality and technological kitchen.

Photos of the finished works of designers demonstrate the unique possibilities of using a bright green or lime platform against the background of light furniture. There are many possibilities for implementing such a solution: traditional tiles and glass mosaics with various ornaments and patterns. Lighting along the entire platform, exceptionally glossy or glass, makes it even brighter and more attractive against the background of walls painted in light pistachio or wallpaper and snow-white facades.

Harmonises with an apron of saturated colour and a table in the same tone. In the photo of white and green kitchens, you can see that shade in the details emphasises the overall decor style. Decor elements and functional items look out of place: fruit vases, collector’s plates, ornaments on lampshades and curtains, and wild coasters. Such a compositional solution makes the interior organic and complete.

Dividing space horizontally

A popular solution in the colour design of facades is the classic combination: snow-white surface and green bottom. For lower cabinets, less dirty tones are often chosen. But this composition is also conditioned by nature: the sky is lighter than the earth. In such an environment, every person feels natural and comfortable.

The horizontal division of white and green space is appropriate in any design. You can emphasise the strict classic lines with the help of a deep shade of emerald or malachite at the bottom of the kitchen furniture. You can make modern minimalism emotionally rich with the help of light green. At the same time, the snow-white top will also emphasise the chosen style.

Often, with such a space division, a dark counter acts as a border. Photos of the finished projects show that the top and the grassy bottom, bordered by a black counter, look more vibrant even in light colours.

Wallpaper can also be used to decorate walls. Which one? You can choose wallpaper with the same pattern but on a different background. You can also separate the white top with a decorative strip to match the ceiling or other interior elements.

Harmony in details

A white kitchen with green details will not be organic without some essential details:

  • If wallpaper with a floral pattern is chosen for wall decoration, then it is essential to use the same motif in other details: place vases with a similar ornament on open shelves, make facades or a platform in the same style;
  • Lines drawn throughout the space, repeated in the decoration, at the edges of the furniture facades, and in the form of plates or a dining area will make the interior dynamic and complete.

Of course, there can be no strict rules in designing a white and green kitchen space. Since people’s characters differ, the interior design will be unique. But when implementing any idea, it is essential to listen to your feelings and sensations: they will tell you in what combination the white and green kitchen will become comfortable for your family!

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