10 Real Estate Listing Tips to Get Your Property Noticed

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If statistics presented by the analysts of Realtor.com is anything to go by, more than 465,000 newly constructed houses entered the market in September 2018, a rise of over eight percent from a year ago. This is the largest yearly jump since 2013. The highest listings gains were in San Jose, up by 113 percent. You too can jump on the bandwagon and get your listing noticed, if you follow the undermentioned tips.


#1 SEO keeps you right at the top

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting your listing prioritized to get noticed. For this, thorough keyword research is required. This narrows down the search of those looking for listings, using the online search engine. Your best bet is to use two to four words long keyword phrases.

For example, if your home is listed in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, United States, mention not only the neighborhood, city, and state, but phrases such as barrier island, Intracoastal Waterway too. This will help give a broad base to the search and your listing will even pop up if someone is searching for barrier island.


#2 A picture is worth a thousand words

Nothing can be truer. So, take pictures of your property from favorable angles and include its high points, such as the backyard pool, gourmet kitchen, outhouse and even things like a permanent barbecue grill in your backyard. Photos tell the whole story that even an excellently-drafted description may not. Don’t snap pictures from your mobile phone, but hire a professional, since professional-looking shots stand a better chance of attracting prospective buyers.


#3 Reach with emails

The humungous amounts of email you receive daily in your inbox certainly flood you with inane offers and compels you to consign such emails to your spam folder. However, a nicely drafted email with a catchy headline still grabs eyeballs. This makes email a great way to get your listing noticed by your potential clients. An eye-catching headline is the key whether your email will get read. So, use words, such as ‘Just listed: beach house at Sunny Isles Beach with a backyard pool and gourmet kitchen’ or words to such effect. Also send photos along with the mail.


#4 Use the power of social media

Today, if you are not marketing on the social media you are living in the past. Your listing can really grab attention if you can figure out ways to stand out in the social media clamor. You can start with your own Facebook or Twitter accounts to let your friends and relations know about your listing. You may not only get a positive response but some marketing tips too from your well-wishers.


#5 Networking

Personal networking will never let you down since talking face-to-face is way more effective than sending listing in text or message form. So, enter the real world, start with people you know, take references and discuss your listing with your potential customers over cups of coffee. Networking calls for perseverance and contacting as many people you can so that no stone is left unturned.


#6 Cold calls may open doors

Many job hunters, resort to cold calls and get hired. You can do so too to find new clients. This entails calling on all kinds of people until you find the ones who show a passing interest. You can then meet them in person, discuss your listing and even make them visit the home to be sold.


#7 Refresh past contacts

Your past clients, who had purchased from you previously, can become your potential clients. Even if they are not interested in your property, they can give some excellent leads.


#8 Attract people with open house

Deck up your home with colorful balloons and buntings with an ‘Open House’ sign to attract passersby driving through the neighborhood. This will give your potential clients a chance to check out your listing. This option provides an opportunity to seal an early deal.


#9 Dogged perseverance

Despite all the ways to attract potential clients to your listing, early sale of your home is not guaranteed. There will be rejections, your efforts may go waste, and this may even leave you with a feeling that your home may never get sold. However, it is your dogged perseverance that will ultimately get you the client.


#10 Competitive pricing

Of course, your endeavor will always be to sell your home at the highest price. However, buyers know of all the resources to determine the correct market value of your listing type. If you increase your price even 12 percent of the estimated market value, your chances of selling your home get reduced by 50 percent. So, be realistic while pricing.



Making use of the tips mentioned above to get your listing noticed is the right approach if you want to find clients and sell your property quickly. All these options need knowledge and hard work, so gird up, as selling a home is no less than waging a battle.

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