14 Tools Needed for Home Modifications & Renovations

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A house ages with time due to the vagaries of the weather. Not repairing or renovating it promptly may cause irreparable damage that can set you back by thousands of dollars. To keep your house in good shape, you will need to carry out regular maintenance. And this requires the right tools to make the task simpler.

Tools for home modifications and renovations

#1 Hammer

This is one of the most essential tools, and the best option is to get all-in-one Japanese Cat’s Paw. It has an extra chisel end for a handle and a strong head for hammering nails.

#2 Pliers

These are of various shapes and sizes, ranging from snub nose to needle nose and even pincer-nosed. Among these, the needle nose pliers as most essential, since it is most effective in holding wires and other objects in tight spaces.

#3 Measuring tape

For home repair and renovation, a good measuring tape that is convenient to use is a must. Go in for a technologically advanced one that stops the tape from retracting into its casing. 

#4 Saw

Among the various types of saws, go for both a handsaw and circular saw. With a handsaw, you will manage small and specific jobs, whereas, with a circular saw, you will be able to cut wood speedily and precisely.

#5 Speed square

This tool is indispensable for guiding a power saw and can also be used as a saw guide, bevel, and a protractor.

#6 Oscillating tool

This tool comes in handy for accessing hard to reach places, while cutting or sanding piping, etc. This is an ideal tool for DIYers.

#7 Laser level

A laser level is an essential tool that helps in laying out your projects. It does so by providing points or lines to layout plumb. Laser levels can be dot, rotary or line levels. This differs from other conventional line levelling tools, such as spirit levels and digital levels. The line levelling tools are the most suitable for home renovations.

#8 Cordless drill

A good cordless drill is one of the best investments. It comes in handy in every project work that you undertake in your homes, such as modifying or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. One of the best cordless drills to go in for is a lithium-ion cordless drill since the battery lasts longer and is less toxic than nickel-cadmium batteries.

#9 Sledgehammer

If you are wondering why this heavy-duty tool is needed, it is because you can easily undertake some serious demolition jobs with it. A convention hammer is not fit for such jobs. However, select a sledgehammer that you can easily lift and use.

#10 Duct tape

This sticky, multipurpose adhesive is indispensable for home improvement. It is not only water resistant but also durable and strong. Its adhesive strength is such that it can be used on any surface and even for sealing a hole in a water pipe.

#11 17-in-1 painter’s multi-tool

Instead of lugging a handful of tools, you can have this great multi-tool that is ideal for a slew of painting jobs. With this, you can not only scrape paint, clean paint rollers and spread putty, but also drive screws, pull nails and do 17 other things.

#12 Caulk gun

There is always a requirement of sealing cracks and holes to stem water seepage. This is where this caulk gun comes into play. Since old caulk usually dries and cracks, you can easily re-caulk it with this gun, after removing the old dried caulk.

#13 Dust-free drywall vacuum sander

Sanding a wall to free it of old paint is one of the most unpleasant tasks mainly because of the dust that sanding generates. Using a vacuum sander helps prevent the dust from dispersing since its vacuum attachment sucks it all.

#14 Ladder

Although listed last, this is the most important ‘tool’ that is needed for home modification and renovation. This must-have item helps in accessing the heights that you cannot otherwise reach. Select a ladder that has an attachment for tools and is comfortable to stand on.


Undertaking home modifications and renovations is a daunting task. It can be made easier if you have the right tools for the job. So, why not buy a set of all the necessary tools to do the job yourself and save a packet on professionals.

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