5 Facts About Reinforcing Bar

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Concrete is commonly used to construct buildings. Although concrete is very strong, it is not flexible enough to withstand pressure. Therefore, a building constructed out of concrete alone will be too fragile. Reinforcing Bar, widely known as rebar, is used to overcome this.

Generally, rebar increases the tensile strength of the concrete structure. It can be in the form of a steel rod, mesh steel wires or steel mat, with a deformed surface to gain a stronger bond with the concrete.

Here are 5 common facts about it:

1. It is used in the construction industry.

Rebar is used in the construction industry to construct buildings, roads, and bridges. These structures need to be strong and sturdy; therefore, rebar is inserted inside the concrete to act as a tension device to put up with the high pressure. It will improve the strength of the structure by holding the concrete together. Without rebar, the concrete structures are quite fragile and cannot hold together long enough.

2. What concrete works require rebar?

It is surely needed in the construction of building footings, walls, columns as well as roads and bridges. However, it is not necessarily needed in all concrete work, such as pathways, driveways or curbs. But adding it to these concrete works will certainly put on more strength to the structure.

3. How it is made.

It is made of steel, which is melted down to form into liquid. This requires a lot of heat since iron a very high melting point. When it is melted, it goes into small round openings, which forms its shape

Unfinished steel is used for the cheaper option, but this will rust. Rust can create internal pressure, which eventually could break the concrete. Stainless steel provides the more expensive option for a longer lasting build.

When the steel forms its shape, twists and grooves will be formed on the surface as to make it bonds stronger with the concrete.

4. Age-old techniques

Concrete has been used since many centuries ago. The Romans already used concrete to construct buildings but at that time a steel bar was still not used. But they have another technique to make the concrete structure stronger, by using arch construction.

5. Material

Before the 60s, rebars were made out of new material. But since then, recycled materials made out of scrap have been used. Today, almost all rebars are made out of scraps, such as old junk cars and other appliances.

Without rebar, you can never have solid and steady concrete buildings and other structures put up in place. Or if you have, the structure would not bear string and can last very quickly. This is because even though concrete is already very strong, it doesn’t have that much needed tensile strength to hold it together. Rebar makes it possible to reuse scraps from old junk stuff as a form to recycle materials and therefore helps to save the environment and make your building steady and still.

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