5 Surefire Strategies for Effectively Recruiting Real Estate Agents

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The secret to any brokerage’s success is to build a solid team of agents. That said, finding top talent is easier said than done. And given that other brokerages are also scouting for promising candidates, it can be challenging to convince agents to choose your company over the rest. If you’ve been having trouble expanding your team, read on for five tips and tricks that’ll help you recruit and retain the right people for the job:

Invest in the Right Recruitment Tools

Though most agencies start out using free software for documenting the recruitment process, they can become quite unwieldy as your business grows. Additionally, these basic programs require recruiters to manually to input and manage each applicant’s data, eating up a lot of precious time and energy.

To help expedite the hiring process, it’s best to invest in intuitive platforms specifically designed for real estate recruitment such as Broker kit. Tools like these let you easily keep track of each lead, schedule follow-ups, coordinate with teammates, and onboard your new recruits. All this helps to free up your recruiter’s time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks instead.

Don’t Use the Same Script Each Time

While it’s true that there are real estate agents that prioritize a good commission split, it would be unwise to assume that all of them do. As such, it’s important to remember that each candidate is driven by their own motivations and goals in life. Some may place more importance on getting proper guidance and resources, while others may greatly value a flexible work schedule and the ability to work remotely. 

Given this, using the same script for every candidate will make you appear insincere or even disinterested. So whenever you interview a promising agent, make sure to actively listen to what they have to say. This way, you can better gauge what they value most and pitch the benefits of joining your agency accordingly.

Be More Proactive with Recruitment 

Many agencies are often unprepared whenever an agent decides to leave the company unexpectedly. More often than not, recruitment teams end up scrambling to find a replacement as quickly as possible. And because they’re in a rush to fill the position, they’re forced to hire whoever is available at the time, and not necessarily because they’re the best candidate for the job.

The good news is that this situation is preventable with enough planning and foresight. Instead of waiting until the last minute to find new agents, it’s time for your recruitment team to start taking a more proactive approach. This means reaching out to potential candidates even if they aren’t currently looking for a new place to work. By doing so, you’re essentially alerting them to the existence of your company, and that you’re always on the lookout for promising new agents. Done right, you can make your brokerage their top choice once they’re ready to make the leap.

Promote Your Unique Work Culture

As previously mentioned, different agents will have their specific reasons for wanting to switch brokerages. With this in mind, you’ll want to determine exactly what sets your brokerage apart from the rest. Simply put, identify the various benefits that candidates will gain by joining your team.

For instance, perhaps your agency has cultivated a culture of collaboration, allowing for camaraderie among team members. Or maybe your brokerage invests in the professional growth of your agents, resulting in the development of various mentorship and training programs.

Whatever it is, make sure to communicate your agency’s unique work culture in your job ads and recruitment correspondences in a clear and concise manner.

Build Your Agency’s Online Presence

When it comes to successful real estate recruitment, visibility is the key. Remember: real estate often turn to the Internet to search for new companies to work for. So if your brokerage doesn’t have a strong online presence, you may be missing out on attracting some promising talent. Hence, you’ll want to put in the time and effort to craft a professional website and keep your social media accounts active.

To further boost your agency’s online visibility, it’s a good idea to invest in search engine optimization. This entails writing keyword-rich pages and engaging articles that are relevant to your potential candidates’ interests. You can also experiment with paid ads on different platforms to broaden your audience reach. Just make sure to pick the right online venues where your ideal agents are likely to spend most of their time on.

In Conclusion

If you want to take your real estate agency to the next level, it’s important to recruit only the best and brightest for the job. With that in mind, we recommend incorporating these strategies into your current recruitment process as soon as you can. Before you know it, these techniques will help attract more top talent to your brokerage.


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