5 Things you should invest in to boost your roof’s integrity

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Your roof protects your family members and possessions from the elements. It, therefore, makes sense to do all you can to boost its integrity. Unfortunately, one too many homeowners focus on other projects such as floor installations and interior décor and only get to the roof when there’s an issue. What good will new wood flooring do if there’s moisture leaking from the roof to it? It is pointless in every sense of the word. So what can you do to boost your roof’s integrity?

  1. High-quality materials

First, the roofing material installed on a roof has a ripple effect on its integrity. Low-quality materials set your roofs up for leaks, cracks, and other roofing problems. Leaks are terribly hard to detect particularly if you are not on top of your roofing inspection and maintenance responsibilities. Small leaks are often confined to the attic and can be hard to uncover. Sure, high-quality materials may cost you a whole lot now but they are a good return on investment. This is because they will outlast low-quality materials. In addition, they will help you save money on repair and energy costs in the long run. Besides durability, consider weight, lifespan, and fire ratings when choosing the best materials for your roofing needs.

2. Expert installation

It is one thing to buy high-quality roofing materials and another to have them installed properly. When looking for quality craftsmanship, consider reputation, warranties, and insurance. The agency should have many years of experience under its belt. As for insurance, they should have both workers’ compensation as well as general liability insurance to cover their crew and your home. Finally, the roofing company should give you a 20-25 year warranty and craftsmanship to take care of any issues related to their work. https://nextwaveroofing.com/ can help install your roof to maintain its integrity for years to come.

3. Regular roof inspections

Another popular yet overlooked tip to a long roof lifespan is the regular roof inspection. Experts recommend inspecting your roof during spring and fall to ascertain that everything is in order. You should also do the inspection after a huge storm associated with flying debris, hail, and high winds. Again, a good professional is better at this. They know how to check for problems such as moisture, cracks, and leaks in the ceiling however small they may be. Apart from leaks, the roofer should also check for the following issues:

  • Missing caulk
  • Loose or exposed nails
  • Vent damage
  • Loose, missing, or broken shingles
  • Shingles wit broken shingles
  • Any damage on the roofing membrane
  • Corroded flashing
  • Chimney cracking
  • Granule loss
  • Damage to attic
  • Damaged pipes and gutters

 4. Ongoing maintenance 

Besides a regular inspection routine, it is also a good idea to invest in regular maintenance of your roof. Small problems become serious threats to the roof’s health over time. Maintenance should include the following responsibilities:

  • Clean the debris on the roof before it encourages water to build up and cause the roof to decay.
  • Prune the tree branches that hang over the roof lest strong winds knock them over to the roof.
  • Check the flashing on the roof to see if it needs the addition of new caulk.
  • Clean your gutters regularly
  • Ensure the chimney doesn’t have huge cracks or any other damage. If it does, consider calling a pro to fix the problem.
  • Replace any damaged shingle and secure loose ones using roof cement
  • Look for any signs of fungus, algae, and moss
  • Remove snow to avoid the accumulation of more layers

 5. Don’t fix the roof problems for yourself

It is common for a homeowner to attempt to create a fix for a problem within their roof. While you can get away with doing that, many more have suffered for it. For one, walking on the roof is a risky affair. Even with rubber shoes, you can trip over and injure yourself. Secondly, the chance of making things worse as an inexperienced homeowner is quite high. More damage means more money. Professionals have the tools, knowledge, equipment, and experience to handle major inspections, maintenance projects repairs, and replacements. Using their services will get the work done efficiently, properly, and quickly not to mention it will save you unnecessary expenses.

The integrity of your roof is your sole responsibility. If you want to boost it, you know what to do. These are simple yet effective strategies that will extend the lifespan of your roof by a higher margin.


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