7 Super Homeware Deals for a Clean and Tidy Spring

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Spring is coming and it is time to get the supplies in to get your home looking sparkling Today’s Home Bargains brings you nothing but the very best deals on items you can use every day. We understand that regular use items can be expensive. We strive to ensure that you always receive the lowest price available on items. Within the items we provide, several standout as our very best current deals. For the best of the best, review these seven items.

Landon Tyler Aluminium Key Hook

At only 14.99,this whimsical little aluminium key hook by Landon Tyler provides room for up to five different key sets to be hung. Because it is 40 centimetres long, it can be hung just about anywhere in your home. It works particularly well next to a front door or back door, but it can also be used elsewhere. It also makes a wonderful accent piece for a workshop.

Pure Cotton Mop

When you absolutely must stay natural,this Pure Cotton Mop will help you to get your cleaning done without plastics or synthetic chemicals. This lovely mop is crafted from 100 per cent pure cotton, ensuring that it is easy to clean and maintain and free of any unnecessary synthetic materials. At 5.99, it’s areal steal.

8 Litre Galvanised Metal Mop Bucket

Our 8 Litre Galvanised Metal Mop Bucket is highly durable, ensuring that it will last a lifetime. It makes mopping incredibly easy, with its mop wringer and large style bucket.With a 24 centimetre diameter and 22 centimetre depth, it’s large enough to hold plenty of water and small enough to be portable and easy to work with.

This mop has fully sealed seams on each sides. This is an excellent way to ensure that water stays in the mop where it belongs, rather than leaking on the floor. With the bucket’s basic silver material, it is suitable for many different interior design schemes and styles.

Maxim Pearl Light Bulbs Pack of 4

This set of four Maxim Pearl Light Bulbs is only 4.99, making it perfect for anyone who needs extra light bulbs on hand. The light bulbs themselves are rated for 100 watts, providing plenty of light and luminescence. Their energy rating is E, and the bulb colour is gently opaqued to appear pearly.It’s a great deal on an item that everyone needs to have around the home.

Ironing Board

This fun ironing board can help to make your cleaning and tidying sessions feel less like cleaning, and more like having fun. Made of light mesh material, this blue and navy blue fabric is easy to care for and durable. At the low price of 28.99,it’ll fit into almost any budget.

Hot Water bottle

Each of these durable hot water bottles is perfect for warming up quickly. With a price point of only 4.99,it’s pretty difficult to see a downside. These hot water bottles come in red and blue, and are made entirely from rubber.

Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 20 Pack

This Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 20 Pack is perfect for busy homes who require new bags frequently. Recommended for families, these sacks can hold an incredible about of refuse before needing replacement. At only 14.99, it’s a real deal that you shouldn’t miss.

These heavy duty sacks can be used to store refuse, but they also make excellent storage bags for clothing or other items. Because of their heavy duty styling and material,they can withstand bumps and pokes; this makes them ideal for bagging up gardening debris or leaves.

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