8 Benefits of Replacement Windows

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Are you considering replacement windows for your home? If so, you might be wondering if the cost is really worth the investment you’ll need to make to upgrade your windows. As with any home improvement project, it’s important to understand the benefits that you’ll receive from the project to understand if the investment makes sense for you.

Here are eight benefits of installing replacement windows in your home.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of updating the windows in your home. Depending on your home’s age and location, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars every year on your heating and cooling bills. Updating your current windows with replacement windows will help you better maintain the interior temperature of your home and reduce stress on your HVAC system. Replacement windows will also reduce drafts and cold spots/hot spots in your home that are a result of old glass windows that aren’t energy efficient.


Curb Appeal

New windows can do a lot to spruce up the exterior of your home and improve the curb appeal. Just replacing standard existing windows will have an immediate effect on your home’s appearance, both inside and outside. You could also consider adding custom windows to your home to improve the aesthetics even more. Custom windows can give your home a one-of-a-kind feel and make it stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. Using custom windows to create an interesting focal point with help give your home a uniqueness that will help it stand out from the crowd.


Home Value

It’s no secret that buyer like home upgrades. Having new replacement windows in your home will increase the value of your home on the market and help it stand out among the competition. Replacement windows offer an excellent return on investment when you sell your home, especially if you can provide a warranty that transfers to the buyer. Not only will you give a boost to your home’s value, but you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of replacement windows while you live in the home.

Noise Reduction

If you live in a crowded area, peace and quiet and privacy can be hard to come by. New windows can be a great way to reduce noise transfer from both inside and outside your home. New, multi-pane windows can create a quieter interior for you and increase your privacy by transferring less sound outside your home. So, if you’re tired of hearing everything your neighbor’s say, considering replacement windows could be the first step in getting that quiet you’ve always wanted.


Home Security

Replacement windows can offer a lot of security features that simply weren’t available in older windows. New windows can offer break-resistant glass, and more secure locks. There are also multi-point locks that allow you to open your windows slightly without the fear that someone can come along and slide them open all the way. Updating your home with replacement windows can be a great improvement to home security and will give you added peace of mind about the safety of your family inside your home.



There are a myriad of problems that can affect the function of older windows. Older windows can swell and contract with different levels of humidity, making them difficult to open or close. If windows have been painted, it can sometimes be impossible to open them at all. If you have old style storm windows, you can have double the problems keeping the windows in good working condition. As you begin to look at replacement windows, you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to open when compared to your existing old-style windows.


UV Protection

Old windows are usually just clear glass and offer no UV protection for the sun’s rays shining into your home. This can lead to fading of anything inside your home that’s in the path of the sun, including flooring, furniture, and fabrics. New replacement windows offer different levels of UV filtering that will help protect the items inside your home from damaging UV rays.



Cleaning older windows can be a very involved and time-intensive process, especially if you have to remove storm windows to clean the outside of the windows or climb ladders to clean windows on the upper floors. New windows offer great features that make cleaning both the inside and outside of windows fast and easy. You can clean the entire window from inside, which eliminates the need to clean from outside or climb a ladder to reach second-floor rooms. You’ll be able to clean your windows regularly, rather than being forced to make it a time-consuming project that takes a day or more.


As you can see, upgrading your home’s windows with replacement windows offers a lot of benefits for your home and your family. When considering where to get replacement windows, be sure to order them from a trusted company that offers a good warranty and has a history of providing good service in your area.


Portella Steel Doors and Windows has manufactured individually engineered, high-quality steel doors and windows since 1999. They are a family-owned, Texas-based business.


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