A Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters Fast and Safely

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Every homeowner should clean their gutters regularly. Not only do your gutters safeguard your home’s siding and landscaping, but they also play a vital part in keeping water out of your home’s foundation.

When was the last time you had your gutter system cleaned? If you have a hard time answering this question, then it’s time. Gutters should be cleaned once a year at minimum, and especially after any significant storm.

During the summer, the main concern with a clogged gutter is water getting where it should not, including under the roof and seeping into the foundation. Standing water can cause structural damage to your home.

The winter can be even more dangerous as freezing water only makes things worse. Ice dams may form where gutters are clogged, causing the water to expand and damage your home very quickly.

Thankfully, while the effects of a clogged gutter can be a nightmare, cleaning it out does not have to be. Follow the steps below to get your gutter cleaning finished in half the time that it takes most homeowners to finish

Steps for Cleaning Your Gutters

#1. An essential tool for cleaning your gutters is a safe ladder. Do not attempt to clean your gutters with a latter that is too short as having to reach too high can create a severe safety hazard. Your ladder should be sturdy and extendable.

Make sure your ladder sits on a flat surface that will not shift when you are climbing. You can also purchase a ladder stabilizer to keep the ladder from damaging the gutters. It’s also a good idea to have a buddy help with the ladder or lend you an extra set of hands.

#2. Make sure to wear the right clothes. The stuff inside your gutter can be gross so it’s a good idea to wear a long-sleeved shirt and work pants. You’ll also want a pair of rubber gloves and eye protection.

#3. You’ll want to lay out a tarp underneath the section of gutter you are going to be working on. This way you will not damage your lawn or any landscaping below.

#4. Now it’s time to get up there and scoop out the gunk. You can buy a specialized gutter scoop at most hardware stores, but any small plastic scoop should do. Kid’s beach toys and old kitchen utensils can make great gutter scoops.

#5. Now that you’ve gotten rid of the big chunks, you can use your garden hose to run water through the gutters and remove any remaining waste still in the gutter. You will also be able to see any leaks during this step.

#6. After the gutters are cleaned, make sure to inspect for any places where the gutter looks like it is pulling away from the house. If there are any signs of stress impacting your system, you can fix them by installing a gutter hanger in that spot.

After you do it a few times, you’ll see that gutter cleaning is not as hard or annoying as it seems. More importantly, it has a significant impact on the longevity of your house. That’s why it’s essential to clean out your gutters every year.


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