Awesome Room Enhancement Ideas That Can Help You Sleep Better

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Your bedroom is where you probably spend your time the most and completely unwind. Since we sleep about 1/3 of our lives, your bedroom needs to be the coziest room. Often at times, we face nights of disrupted sleep and insomnia due to high levels of stress within the day. We try meditating, cutting caffeine, and playing relaxing music, but sleep is still at bay. One way to truly achieve a good night’s sleep is by paying attention to the sleep environment. Designing a sleep-friendly bedroom environment is highly important to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. Here are some bedroom enhancements you can do that will guarantee better sleep.

Get better bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your room and its top priority. Invest in high quality bedding that will make you sleep comfortably at night. Choose sheets and duvets that are so soft and comfortable that you’ll feel you’re sleeping on a cloud, and body temp regulating duvets so you won’t wake up anytime you’re warm. If you’re prone to anxiety, consider a pressure blanket that will make you feel hugged all night. Weighted blankets have been used for years to help people with anxiety and restlessness as the pressure over the body release serotonin levels in your body and makes you more relaxed.

Out with the old mattress and pillow

Nothing is worse than a run-down and lumpy mattress or the wrong kind of pillow. Instead of waking up relaxed, you’ll wake up with an aching back and sore neck muscles. Get a mattress that supports the body’s natural shape and size. Pillows should be replaced every 18 months for health reasons, so be sure to change yours into one that supports your head comfortably without worrying about dust mites from your old pillow.

Clean up the clutter

One of the major steps in creating a cozy sleep environment is to tidy up the clutter. Studies have shown that sleeping in a messy room will cause your sleeping pattern to be messy as well. Consider investing in useful and stylish storage options that will make tidying up easier. Clean your room regularly, make the bed and choose an air purifier to cleanse the room’s air so your breathing won’t be disrupted with dust. A clean room reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind.

Lighting makes all the difference

Your brain always translates light into the time of day. Don’t use extremely bright light bulbs and it’s preferred if all the light in your bedroom is warm with an option to dim. Consider also getting a curtain or black out to prevent those early morning sun rays from disrupting your sleep.  Ambient lighting in the bedroom will definitely relax you.

Relaxing sounds and smells

Soothing scents and aromatherapy can calm the mind and ease the body. Scents like lavender, jasmine and vanilla can improve sleep patterns for their calming effect. Invest in an essential oil infuser that will fill your bedroom with these calming and tantalizing scents for a good night’s sleep. Disrupting noise can also affect your continuous sleep cycle. Consider getting a white noise machine or an air purifier to drown out those annoying sounds. The neutral background noise is bound to relax you like a baby!

Colors that calm

The colors of your bedroom actually play a factor in creating a calm sleeping environment. Choose wall colors that exude calm, like blue, beige or shades of gray and try to avoid super bright colors like red. These calming and neutral colors actually give you a sense of peace and serenity.


We often underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and how it affects our day. We’re so caught up with the routine of the hectic work day, that sleep isn’t even a priority. Sleeping well will cause you to be more productive and it fights anxiety and depression. Establishing a relaxing routine before bedtime like taking a bath or reading, will also help you sleep better. Leave that mobile phone of yours, as scrolling before bed can actually cause insomnia. With these simple steps of creating the perfect sleep-friendly environment, you’ll be sleeping like a baby each night and wake up refreshed!


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